We can settle down now. The May sweeps marked by all the hysteria that 'American Idol' could muster are complete.

Highlights and lowlights:

• 'CSI' fever catch it. KOIN (6) wins prime time (8 p.m. to11 p.m.) in the Portland market, as did CBS nationally, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of top-rated 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' and 'CSI: Miami.' No fewer than 10 CBS entries finished in the top 20 of regular network series. For the month, the Wednesday night installments of 'American Idol' clocked in at fifth place.

My take: Could CBS create the next great spinoff, 'CSI: Everybody Loves Raymond'?

• Ho-hum KGW (8) wins in news again. In every head-to-head news matchup from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., KGW (not to be confused with KGW on PAX) held onto its No. 1 position. Portland's NBC affiliate expanded its lead in the all-important 5 p.m. hour, while holding off KOIN at 11 p.m. KGW's 10 p.m. news on KPXG continues to wallow, with a 2 percent share of the audience against the long-established '10 O'Clock News' on KPTV (12), which captures a 12 percent share. For those of you keeping score: Each rating point equals about 10,000 Portland area homes; the share is the percentage of total viewers watching a particular program at a given time.

5 p.m. news

KGW (8): 8.6 rating/19 share

KOIN (6): 5.2 rating/11 share

KATU (2): 4.7 rating/10 share

11 p.m. news

KGW: 8.1/20 share

KOIN: 6.7/17 share

KATU: 3.7/9 share

My take: Most KOIN newscasts show some growth from a year ago. But KOIN's 5 p.m. news continues to lose ground to KGW. Last-place KATU needs KGW or KOIN to stumble, and it's just not happening. KATU has to hope its network reality show-laden ABC can come up with some big series hits next season.

• Hey Oprah, your protŽgŽ beat you. OK, so they're on in different time slots 'Dr. Phil' airs at 3 p.m. on Channel 6, while 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is on at4 p.m. on KGW. But according to the Nielsens, the audience has yet to grow tired of America's leading tough-love shrink. His is Portland's most-watched daytime show. 'Dr. Phil' attracts almost 70,000 homes a day, well above Oprah's 60,000. Of course, Oprah's production company owns 'Dr. Phil,' and it's written into the contract that the show cannot air opposite 'Oprah' anywhere on the planet.

My take: Surprising. I thought for sure the bald guy's star would begin to fade after seven or eight months. Hasn't happened, although his ratings are down a tad from the February sweeps.

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