Most embarrassing moment? Commissioner Jim Francesconi probably would win this one pants down. É He'd just lost another racquetball match to a lawyer friend who somehow always managed to beat him 21-19. He was stewing about it as he headed for the locker room Ñ which, at the old Olympic Health Club where they were playing, was just the other side of the swimming pool É As he's walking through the swimming pool area, it dawns on him that he's been absentmindedly peeling off his sweaty gym clothes. É In fact, judging by the look of pure astonishment on the face of one of the swimmers in the pool, he must be Ñ yikes! É Thinking quickly, as future commissioners must do, he dives into the pool and hollers for his racquetball partner to toss him his shorts. Rising after a decent interval, he slinks off to the dressing room, careful not to establish eye contact with any of his fellow exercisers. É Even now, 17 years later, he can't tell the story without his ears turning red.

• • •

Scuttlebutt around the Justice Center is that Chief Kroeker wanted to fire police officer Scott McCollister the morning after the Kendra James shooting. He reportedly was talked out of it by legal types. É Former Oregonian photog Allan deLay, who at 88 holds the world springboard diving championship for his age group, will be featured on KOPB's 'Art Beat' this Thursday at 8 p.m. In addition to his athletic accomplishments, he's played the musical saw with the Oregon Symphony, been an active member of the Boy Scouts for 76 years and sired local blues harmonica player Paul deLay.

• • •

Amanda Haworth, whose pleasant voice you'll probably hear if you call The Trib's main number, reports she was sitting at a table outside Saucebox on Southwest Broadway on Thursday night, having some drinks with friends, when who should sit down at the next table but John Corbett (the lead actor in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding') and Bo ('10') Derek. É 'They sat outside for a while, holding hands and talking. Then my friend went over and asked if she could have her picture taken with them, and John even had her sit on his lap for the picture. Then, about 10 minutes later, they casually strolled away. And, oh, by the way, Bo Derek still looks totally hot!' É Amanda apparently was too polite to ask what they were doing in P-town, and Corbett's publicity agent in L.A. wasn't much help, either: 'I think he has a place up there. In Seattle or something.'

• • •

Nice note from Teddy Runstein, who, as Ray Kell's law partner, handled that drunken driving beef back in the '70s, which, according to records from the district attorney's office, got dismissed for reasons of 'diplomatic immunity.' É As Teddy remembers it, Kell wasn't drunk at all, just suffering from indigestion. And the reason he refused the officer's request for a Breathalyzer test was simply because he found the request offensive. É As Runstein recalls, the mayor himself, who came rushing down to meet Kell at the police station that fateful night, was prepared to testify that Kell was not under the influence of alcohol. And that's not to mention the two judges who were riding in Kell's car. So how could he be drunk? É You know, I like this story better every time I hear it.

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