'Goldenchain tree'


Why I love this tree:

• Breathtaking in bloom, it looks like a yellow wisteria.

• Its branches dangle foot-long flower clusters of yellow gold in spring.

• It can be trained. Cut the lower branches and suckers, and make a tree, or leave them to become a big shrub.

• The tree is also easily trained to espalier, or run along a wall or wire.

• The leaves remind me of clover.


How to plant:

• Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the root ball.

• Loosen dirt from the planting hole with your shovel.

• Place the tree, burlap ball and all, into the planting hole.

• It's very important that you untie the burlap around the tree trunk (remove any plastic), but the burlap itself will decompose in the bottom of the planting hole.

• Before you refill the planting hole, make sure the tree is the right depth Ñ not too low or too high.

• Shovel in the old dirt and pack it in with your feet to collapse any air pockets.

• Make a small moat around the planting hole and fill it with water.

• Be sure to give it regular watering in the first year.