Around the world with the top LPGA golfers


The LPGA has 95 active international players from 24 countries. Here are the eight countries that lead the way (with the total number of their LPGA players in parentheses). Each country's top four pros are listed, along with their position on the 2003 money list.

Korea (18)

Se Ri Pak, 2nd

Grace Park, 3rd

Mi-Hyun Kim, 13th

Hee-Won Han, 16th

Australia (12)

Rachel Teske, 10th

Karrie Webb, 15th

Wendy Doolan, 20th

Shani Waugh, 28th

Sweden (10)

Annika Sorenstam, 1st

Sophie Gustafson, 26th

Catrin Nilsmark, 40th

Maria Hjorth, 45th

England (9)

Laura Davies, 27th

Suzanne Strudwick, 93rd

Joanne Morley, 99th

Alison Nicholas, 104th

Canada (7)

Lorie Kane, 7th

Dawn Coe-Jones, 84th

A.J. Eathorne, 98th

Nancy Harvey, 100th

Japan (6)

Akiko Fukushima, 39th

Namika Omata, 102nd

Hiromi Kobayashi, 106th

Shiho Katano, 162nd

France (5)

Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, 4th

Jeanne Marie Busuttil, 127th

Marine Monnet, 167th

Anne Marie Palli, no earnings

Scotland (4)

Catriona Matthew, 9th

Mhairi McKay, 32nd

Janice Moodie, 66th

Kathryn Marshall, 85th