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Big Bob Miller, scuba diving in Mexico while awaiting his return to the mike on KPAM, says he came face to face with a 5-foot barracuda the other day. 'No, the fish wasn't scared,' writes Bob. It'll be good to have him back. É Best e-mail address yet for a defense lawyer might belong to P-town's Susan Elizabeth Reese. It's as in. 'If the glove doesn't fit,' etcetera, etcetera. É If the local economy is having a few problems now so goes the latest bit of West Hills gallows humor imagine what it would be like if Albert and Victoria Starr ever finished remodeling their his 'n' hers mansions up on Montgomery Drive. É Construction has been going on for over two years now, with no apparent end in sight. A neighbor who would know says costs so far must be 'north of $10 million.'

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NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, in town to ink a shoe deal, celebrated with Nike execs Tuesday night in one of El Gaucho's private dining rooms. É GM Franco D'Amico says that's the first time Kobe, who always stays at the Benson when the Lakers are in town, hasn't eaten in his room. Usually, a security guy phones in the order and Franco takes it up himself. É Steve Einhorn and Kate Power are 'still on cloud nine' (an old folk-music saying, I assume) after their guest appearance on OPB's nationally syndicated 'Prairie Home Companion' last Saturday. É Didn't hurt, either, that host Garrison Keillor plugged their guitar shop, Artichoke Music, several times prompting orders for their new CD from around the country.

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Former Portland police officer Mike Murray, who lives in what he describes as a small beach town just north of Sydney, Australia, has apparently taken the lead in the long-distance Trib reading contest. É Sydney, which is 7,659 miles away as the crow flies, beats out Rome by 1,869 miles. É The irrepressible Frank Peters will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Grand Cafe which he opened shortly after his release from the slammer and graduation from culinary school by roasting a whole pig this Sunday at 7 p.m. 'Everybody's welcome, with a few exceptions,' notes the gracious host. É 'The Grand allowed me to win my reputation back,' adds Frank, suddenly pensive. É When Tony Swofford hit town two years ago, just out of grad school and broke, he applied for a job at Powell's and they turned him down. Probably didn't know that he would go on to write the best seller 'Jarhead.' Universal is currently negotiating for film rights.

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A well-dressed guy with a vaguely Middle Eastern accent comes into the 21st Avenue Bar & Grill in a panic. Says he's the owner of the restaurant just up the street and someone just threw a brick through his front window. É And now it's past midnight and the glazier's there with a new window, but the restaurant safe is on time-lock and won't be open until 3 a.m. Can someone please, please help till he can get at his cash? É Now how could you turn down someone like that? É At the 21st Ave. Bar & Grill, they gave him $120. Same guy took the Green Room on Thurman for $95. É At the Old Lompoc on 23rd, Jerry Fechter told him: 'Hey, you're a businessman, use your credit card.' É See, not everyone in P-town is a soft touch.

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