'Gov. Ted Kulongoski and other Oregon leaders deserve credit for quickly following through on promises to make sure that the state is open for business. É

'Kulongoski approved legislation that will help turn closed sawmill sites into industrial land for new jobs.

'Meanwhile, the state Land Conservation and Development Commission voted to complete an unprecedented expansion of the urban growth boundary around Portland, allowing more land for housing. É

'Kulongoski wisely made the effort to revitalize the economy one of his leading commitments. LCDC obviously got the message by fully approving the Portland UGB jobs and housing land expansion in record time Ñ about six months after Metro had approved the additions of new lands. Remarkably, LCDC commissioners also urged Metro officials to return with a plan this next year to add even more acres of industrial land to the UGB. That action is expected by next June when Metro moves to add another 2,000 acres of land for jobs.

'Metro officials have already started the process and are going about the effort in the right way. Instead of simply zoning land and expecting business growth to come where the zoning is placed on a map, Metro officials are first meeting with business and industry leaders and employers to get a 'real world' view of where business will occur in the future and how the shape and appearance of future industry will be different than it is now.'

Ñ From an editorial published June 12 in the Beaverton Valley Times