The rabbit bento is on hold for now


Over at the James Bean Cafe at Second and Taylor, where they already have buffalo bento, Sean Coe is always on the lookout for new items to put on the menu. But first he checks to see if his regulars will go for it. É Last week, it was rabbit. É Very first guy he asks goes ballistic. 'My wife and I,' he says indignantly, 'happen to run a rabbit rescue mission.' É Sean, who came here from South Korea not too long ago, is beginning to fear he'll never understand American ways. 'What,' he asks, 'do they rescue them from?'

* * *

Don't tell Lars Larson. But all those red, white and blue flags waving so proudly over the Dairy Queen across from Franklin High Ñ just in time for the Fourth of July? É Well, they're French. É On the other hand, if we aren't at war with them anymore, maybe it's OK. É Further thoughts on Ruben Patterson's unsolicited donation of a dozen or so bags of rubbish to Tualatin High's Dumpster: 'Now that's what I call 'talking trash,' ' says Boats Johnson. É And now for some good news: Glenn Fischbuch, who presides over the always tasty Springwater Grill in Sellwood, informs me that his lunch and dinner business has doubled since the middle of June. Better yet, his suppliers tell him it's the same at all the other restaurants they deliver to. Who says we can't get our hopes up?

* * *

Owners of P-town lingerie modeling shops who have cleaned up their acts since last April's crackdown say it's made for unfair competition: They're losing customers to an operator out in Southeast who continues to offer live sex shows at his several establishments. É Question is: How does he get away with it when they can't? According to one highly conspiratorial theory, the vice squad has been cutting him slack in exchange for info on his crackhead clientele. They wouldn't do that, would they? É Bill MacKenzie, communications director at Intel, has a license plate that says, appropriately enough: Mr Chip. Only problem is, most people think he's a teacher Ñ because of that old movie 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips.' É And by the way, that was This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for attorney Susan Elizabeth Reese. The defense attorney says that when she went to sign up, acquit Ñ the correct spelling, which I mistakenly used Ñ was already taken. Now I'm really confused.

* * *

It's all very hush-hush, but sometime this summer, Dave Hedges, past president of the Oregon State Poetry Association, is preparing to explore a remote cave where, he believes, he will find evidence of a vanished race that preceded the American Indians in North America. We will, of course, keep you posted. É He believes that the 'Old Ones,' as they are referred to in Indian legend Ñ 7 feet tall and with reddish hair Ñ are the basis for the Sasquatch myth. É Wimpy's bartender extraordinaire, Kevin Mullane, advises that the drink of the moment for P-town's hip set is that old standby, the cosmopolitan: Vodka, muddled lime and cranberry juice, chilled and strained into a martini glass. If it gets hot again, might just be forced to try one myself.

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