Street of Dreams homes

to be on big lots in '04

Next year's Street of Dreams homes will be on 2-acre lots, or about eight times the size of this year's properties on Cooper Mountain.

The homes for the 2004 event will be built near South Redland Road in unincorporated Clackamas County, the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland announced Wednesday.

This year's dates are July 19 to Aug. 17. The association has not set the dates for next summer's show.

'We're looking forward to having the opportunity to have a little larger lot to be able to do more with landscaping and gardening and bring the natural environs more into the design of the house,' says association spokesman Kevin Curry.

Curry says the development, called Hidden Lake Estates, may have as many as eight homes, a 10-acre lake, a year-round stream, and large cedar and leafy trees.

The Zeigler Co. will develop the new homes, which are likely to range from $800,000 to $1 million. Monday is the deadline for builders' applications.

Committee opposes

Northwest District plan

The Northwest District Association's executive committee has recommended to its board of directors that it not support a proposed neighborhood plan for future public and private investment as it's now written.

The Northwest District Plan goes to the board for a vote Monday. The City Council may vote on parts of the plan Thursday.

Three critical factors led the committee to oppose the plan, said Frank Dixon, executive director: the proposed Uptown Shopping Center condominium project, to be located at Northwest 24th Place and Westover Street; the addition of 1.7 million square feet in office space in the Northwest neighborhood; and a controversial plan to add parking garages throughout the neighborhood.

The proposed Uptown condos, estimated at 125 to 130 feet tall, generated 50 e-mails and phone calls to the neighborhood association regarding its height, said John Bradley, a member of the Northwest District Association. The condos are being developed jointly by Homer Williams and Jack Onder.

The developers will meet with the council and the neighborhood group to find out specific objections to the height, says Bob Scanlan, managing principal of ScanlanKemperBard Cos., which owns the property where the condos would be built.

'We will proceed to work with whoever we need to overcome their objections,' he says. 'Then we will decide where to go next.'

Bing Sheldon, principal of Sera Architects, will bring a scale model of the proposed condos to Monday's association meeting, at which the impact of the building is scheduled to be discussed.

'I'm not quarreling with rezoning,' says Sheldon, who lives on Northwest Quimby Street. 'I am quarreling with the height.'

Local investor buys

Governor Hotel

MK Development LLC has agreed to buy the upscale but heavily in debt Governor Hotel for a reported $15 million. The hotel recently was in receivership for about 1 1/2 months.

The deal is expected to be final by October.

Marty Kehoe, president of the Portland-based company, says the historic hotel will get some renovations immediately, with additional money to be spent on marketing and sales. The hotel's management company will remain, Kehoe says.

The real estate developer and investor calls the hotel 'one of the most beautiful' in Portland and says it presented a unique opportunity.

It 'has office space, a spa, and meeting spaces, so it wasn't just a hotel deal,' he says. 'It was more like a hotel with a significant real estate component.'

Business has been good, says Bruce Hraba, president of California-based Waterford Hotels and Inns Inc., which manages the Governor. However, he says, the owners Ñ including himself Ñ were too far in debt to continue.

Kehoe and some partners bought Gearhart Golf Links last year.

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