OK, suppose you were Robert Redford, and Monday night you wanted to stay incognito at the Heathman. What name would you use? É Smith or Jones would be dead giveaways Ñ so how about Miller? Hey, what a great idea. Only problem is, all the video stores in P-town have copies of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,' so he didn't fool anyone. Just passing through, en route from Vancouver, B.C., to L.A. in a brand new blue T-bird. É Probing question for Tommy Brooks, the mayor's new spokesman: Is it true that at approximately 11:15 on a recent Thursday morning, Her Honor the Mayor, after leaving her driver waiting outside, went shopping for shoes at the downtown Nordstrom, whereupon she told an employee to turn down the music because it was too loud? É Tommy: 'No, Vera wasn't shopping for shoes. And the Muzak in the dressing room was so loud it could have curdled cream.' Guess Vera must have told him so.

* * *

Didn't think it was possible, but the Waterfront Blues Festival looks even better this year. Organizer Peter Dammann, a pretty fair guitarist in his own right, thinks the sleeper of the whole event might be soul singer Bettye LaVette from Detroit, who had a few hits with Atlantic back in the '60s. É Last year, he says, she did a concert in San Francisco that Bonnie Raitt called the greatest R & B concert she'd heard in 30 years. Bettye will make her Portland debut this afternoon. É Also not to miss: festival closer Etta James, who, according to reports from the music world, has lost about 160 pounds, 'and she's smokin'.' Also, P-town's own blues prince-in-hiding, pianist Tom Grant, who will be playing with the Jackson-Mills Big Band on Sunday. (For more on the festival, turn to the Cue section in today's Trib.)

* * *

Jon Farmer of Tonya-Harding-hot-sauce fame was musing the other day about how all these new property-tax abated condos in the Pearl seem to have names like the Gregory or the Henry. If he built one, he asks, should he call it the Jon? I dunno. É Jon's latest endeavor: A new cereal called 'Governor K's Budget Crunchies.' É 'A great after-school snack, assuming there still is school.' É The Portland Development Commission is advertising for bids on a slender high-rise to be built downtown at Third and Oak. That's the corner currently occupied by P-town's biggest eyesore, the old, abandoned police annex. You know, the one that looks like a WWII bunker, with boarded-up windows and graffiti. É Must be of 'exceptional design quality' says the RFP, which, as those in the construction business know, stands for request for proposals. Amen to that.

* * *

The Business Journal reports that the Blazers are planning to rename the Rose Garden. 'How about the Courthouse?' says faithful reader Paul Nickell. É Actually, Paul, I think they're looking for a corporate sponsor. I'd suggest PGE Park, but I think it's already taken. É More ebullient than ever, as if that's possible, former city Commissioner Mike Lindberg calls in from the wilds of eastern Oregon, where he and 50 or so other UO graduates from the class of 1963 have been on a weeklong bus tour. É The whole thing was put together by Tom Moore, who made so much money in the stock brokerage business that he was able to retire several years ago and become a playground yo-yo demonstrator. Is this Oregon or what?

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