Count the Waterfront Blues Festival as a huge success Ñ although as my friend John Foyston correctly pointed out in The Daily Other, it's not so much blues anymore as it is a celebration of good ol' American music. É Organizer Peter Dammann is also to be praised for the absolutely perfect weather he arranged for the event. É What with word of mouth from the blues festival and the national TV exposure of the U.S. Women's Open, which wound up Monday at Pumpkin Ridge, we'll never be able to convince them it's 40 and raining the other 51 weeks of the year. É Don't know if this is a commentary on Nick Fish's social life or not. But last week, the doctor told his wife, PSU professor Patricia Schechter, that she's due to deliver their second child on Jan. 7 Ñ which, it just so happens, is the birthday of their 10-year-old daughter, Maria. É Fish, obviously the confident sort, expects to be the only new city commissioner changing diapers next spring.

* * *

When Dave Rinella, owner of Rinella Produce, saw the picture of the former Community Bible Fellowship in the Trib last fall Ñ on sale for only $750,000 Ñ he knew exactly what to do. É The Rinellas were already so taken with Stanford-educated teleminister Dr. Gene Scott that it didn't make sense to do anything else. É Every weekend, while Dave minded the store, Cindy and the three kids, ranging from 10 to 15 years of age, had been flying down to L.A. to attend services at Scott's University Cathedral there. 'He brings it all together,' says Cindy Ð 'the pyramids, Atlantis, the Lost Tribes. He's a great biblical scholar.' É And so it came to pass that this Saturday was moving day for the Rinella family Ñ from the old Schnitzer mansion at Southwest Vista and Park to the basement of the turn-of-the-century stone church at Southeast 32nd and Taylor, which the Rinellas have renamed University Chapel. É Every Sunday at 11 a.m., the Rinellas will open the doors of the church to the public for a showing of Dr. Scott's weekly sermon on the new 8-foot screen. 'We don't expect to make any money,' says Cindy. 'We don't even take up an offering.'

* * *

Civilization and its discontents: Northwest neighborhood activists are threatening to picket City Hall over the recent decision to put up parking structures around Trendy-Third. É Town-car companies left out in the cold by the Benson Hotel's new exclusive arrangement with rival Avion are claiming 'kickbacks.'É Nothing illegal about that, says a staffer at the city's taxi board Ñ 'but we're looking at it.' É Take a little vacation, and who scarfs up your parking spot at City Hall? É A reliable source says that was Commissioner Randy Leonard's red Harley Ñ a Fireman's Special, I believe they're called Ñ parked on the Fifth Avenue side of the building where the mayor's unmarked police sedan usually is. É Mike Mitchell, founding member of Portland's famed Kingsmen, will have to wait another month to play 'Louie Louie' at what is being billed as the world's largest toga party. The annual celebration of 'Animal House,' which is held each year in Eugene and Cottage Grove, where the movie was shot, has been postponed from last weekend to Aug. 30 to accommodate a big to-do the movie company is planning for the film's 25th anniversary. É Please, someone tell me it hasn't been that long.

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