Snoop Dogg

When: 8 p.m. July 28

Where: Keller Auditorium, 222 S.W. Clay St.

Cost: $33.50-$54.50, 503-248-4335;

also available through TicketsWest (503-224-8499), subject to service charges

Snoop Dogg rode the wave of hard-core rap's popularity to its crest in the mid-'90s and has stayed in the public eye for the past decade. His criminal record and drug problems have been underscored by his genial demeanor and colorful gangsta persona.

What they say

'In the self-indulgence

category, Snoop Dogg opened the show with his usual self-

absorbed exhortations to 'throw your hands in the air,' stick your middle finger skyward, remember Tupac and basically bask in Snoop's


Ñ Orlando Sentinel

Dave Matthews

When: 7 p.m. Aug. 4

Where: Rose Garden, 1 Center Court

Cost: $52.50, available through

TicketsWest (503-224-4400), subject to service charges

If anyone in the United States is unfamiliar with the Dave Matthews Band and its extremely popular brand of jam-pop, he or she has been living underground for at least 10 years. Fronted by South African expatriate Matthews, the band is revered by its fans for live shows that capture the improvisational essence of the group's catchy tunes.

What they say

'Some might call the group a mere jam band. Sure, it stretched a number of songs, but it surrounded those lengthy excursions with tight, concise versions of shorter songs.

'Matthews' between-song patter was infrequent and consisted of grunts, gargling and mumbled introductions that had many in the audience asking, 'What?' DMB also insisted on taking tuning breaks after every song or two, which frequently killed momentum.'

Ñ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette