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Senator needs to look

ahead, not behind

What state is Gordon Smith from, amnesia? His idea of returning to the days of fishing, forests and farms says to me: 'Let's go back to what wasn't working 10 years ago' (Smith: Resources can rescue state's economy, July 8).

Note to Smith: Our fisheries are fished out, and many fish are endangered. Our forests are already seeing too much clear-cutting, endangering other species and increasing global warming. We're running out of water, so more farming using current methods won't bring much benefit and instead great harm (if you'd said 'organic,' I might have left that one off).

I'd like to see a senator who came here and said: 'What we're doing isn't working. What we need to do is invest in alternative energy sources, education and our tourism industries.'

This state could become the birthplace and source for some great innovations in these areas Ñ we've got oceans (see Scandinavia's turbines), sun (solar power) and plenty of wind (turbines). Is it too much to ask for a senator who looks to the future instead of looking to the past?

Sen. Smith, we pay you to represent us, not ruin us. I'm all for an improved Oregon economy, but not at the expense of our environment.

Albert Kaufman

Northeast Portland

News page no place for Stoudamire headline

I understand the attempted clever play on words with the headline 'Damon and Damoner' (July 8). But this headline is commentary that should be reserved for an opinion piece or a column.

Most of us would agree that Damon Stoudamire's actions that led to his latest arrest for marijuana possession are both dumb and dumber. However, headlines that editorialize do not belong on a news story.

John Lowry

Southeast Portland

Here's an idea

for convicted grocer

Tom Calkins, the Burlingame Grocery owner who was convicted of setting fire to his store, remains free until July 15 (Grocer draws 7 1/2 year sentence, June 20). If I were him, I would liquidate my assets and move to a foreign country that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, and there are plenty of countries that he could choose from. Why would he want to go and spend 7 1/2 years in a prison when he really doesn't have to?Ê

If he doesn't have time to liquidate, he could just turn everything over to family members. With his assets, he could live very comfortably in a foreign country. If he does not flee this country, by the time he gets out of prison his assets will have been liquidated and he will be an old man with very little to live on. So why not flee and live the rest of his life in comfort and style? That's exactly what I would do.

Robert H. DavisÊ

Northwest Portland

Public utilities have

the skills to succeed

I am confused by the article 'Public power sparks debate near and far' (June 24). The article mentions that investor-owned companies, such as PGE, say that publicly owned utilities lack the 'skills and acumen needed to operate in today's complex and competitive power market.'

Are we talking about the skills and acumen needed to charge Portlanders tens of thousands of dollars for a $10 tax payment, or the skills and acumen of the Tillamook PUD that charges below-Portland rates and just sent me $1,100 as a rebate for weatherizing my rental?

Jill Holbrook

Northeast Portland

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