Dont tell me its a dogs life


The reward for the arrest and conviction of the person who raped and murdered University of Portland student Catherine Johnson in her dorm room two years ago stands at $1,000. The reward for the arrest of whoever's been poisoning dogs in Laurelhurst Park is up to $15,000. É Enough already. É Here's one that kind of slipped under the radar: Last month, the Wells Fargo Financial call center moved its offices Ñ 100 employees strong Ñ from Portland to Vancouver. So what, you say?. É Well, the chairman of Wells Fargo is George Passadore. É And? É At the time, Passadore was also head of the Portland Business Alliance Ñ which, if memory serves, is supposed to promote business in P-town, not the other way around. É That on-again-off-again deal that would have seen Brian Ford of Henry Ford's steakhouse fame opening up again in the old L'Auberge on Northwest Thurman is off Ñ this time, apparently, for good.

• • •

With an attendance of 15,454 for a merely minor league Beaver game last week, who says P-town doesn't have what it takes to fill a big league baseball stadium? É Of course, we might have to offer $2 beer every night to do it, but let's not get bogged down with the details. É Over at PGE Park, 'Thirsty Thursdays' seems to have become a major social event for college-age kids Ñ most of whom seem to be considerably less interested in the game than in standing with their backs to the playing field, gesturing expansively as they talk on their cell phones to friends in other parts of the stadium. Please, tell me we didn't look that silly.

• • •

Bombed by the food critics for what was apparently an attempt at a high-end Italian restaurant on Southwest Broadway, Sam MacBale didn't miss a beat. Bella Napoli is now a sports bar Ñ the only one downtown if you don't count the Rialto Ñ by the name of the Silver Dollar II. É Go get 'em, Sam. É Portland boulevardier (Hawthorne-style) Stephen Sasser says he actually heard someone say this: 'Hey, man, this is Trail Blazer quality stuff.' 'Don't know what he was talking about,' says Sasser. 'But it sounded like high praise, indeed.' É Didn't think I liked falafel until I stopped by Vine Leaves, the new place at 22nd and Hawthorne, the other night. Owner Gus Haddad says his secret Ñ hope you're ready for this Ñ is that it's fresh. É Gus adds that one woman liked the eggplant dip so much she told him she planned to name her firstborn son Baba Ghanouj. I believe that.

• • •

World-class rock guitarist Eddie Martinez, who's recorded with everyone from Celine Dion to Mick Jagger to Tina Turner to Joe Cocker to Run-DMC, has been living more or less incognito in Portland for the past two years Ñ doing the advertising for his brother Ralph, who just happens to be CEO of the Town & Country auto dealerships. É Eddie says the day job lets him be 'more selective' with his musical gigs. A couple of weeks ago, he flew back to New York to fill in with Paul Shaffer's band on the Letterman show. É But after talking with him for a few minutes, it's clear that Eddie's also getting the itch to put together a band of his own that would play around town. É 'Do you they'd go for it?' he asks. Are you kidding?

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