No mystery behind GOP backer's tax plan

I am not surprised. Rep. Max Williams, R-Tigard, a well-to-do Republican lawyer from the suburbs, has a predictable solution for Oregon's financial woes: Decrease income taxes for the wealthy, reduce capital gains taxes and phase out inheritance taxes (Republicans take on the Max factor, Business, July 15). All to the benefit of wealthy, Republican lawyer types from the suburbs.

Then, the frosting onÊthe cake Ñ a sales tax! Easily the most regressive tax that can be imposed, grossly unfair to the middle- and lower-income majority. It's also an accounting nightmare for small, locally owned businesses as they restructure to become unpaid tax collectors for the state.

How about these alternatives? Eliminate tax loopholes that allow corporations to pay $10 a year in taxes. Prohibit bonuses to corporate executives that exceed 10 percent of their salary. A mandate to the wealthy and privileged that they acknowledge the contributions of society that provide them with their exalted position and pony up when the plate is passed.

Dan Cadmus

North Portland

James, not officer,

had poor judgment

There has been much said in the media and in the Portland community about the Kendra James shooting recently, with much sympathy going to the deceased.

I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for a drug addict in trouble with the law. The officer obviously overreacted when he shot her, but the fact remains that James did not obey a lawful order given her by the officer. The order was given to protect her Ñ and the people she might have injured or killed driving in her impaired condition.

So often in reading about criminal cases, the excuse is given that the defendant wasn't responsible for his or her actions because he or she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In my mind, that fact should enhance the sentence, just as using a gun in a robbery does.

I do not feel any sympathy for those who use drugs and get caught up in the addiction, as they had no sense in the first place to get involved with them, and not enough guts to stay away from them.

I also wonder if there would be such a stir in Kendra James' community if it was a white woman who was shot under the same circumstances..

Robert Walton


Killings, off-leash

debate separate issues

I take issue with your headline, 'Off-leash debate turns toxic?' (July 18). There is a lively, interesting and important debate going on right now among Portland's park users and policymakers. On an unrelated note, there is a very sick criminal at large.

The public and dog walkers will work together to find a way to share our green spaces. Dog owners want places where they can let their dogs run off their leashes. This is a wholesome, healthy and important thing for a city to provide for its citizens.

People using parks for jogging, picnics, resting or playing with their children have the absolute right to clean grass, and the right not to be interrupted by errant dogs.

I imagine that our larger parks could have large, fenced areas designated for dogs off leash. If there was one such area in most residential neighborhoods, then it would be fair to ask dog owners to keep their dogs on leash everywhere else. And I will not compromise on cleaning up after your dog. Every dog owner should do that everywhere.

On a barely related note, there is a criminal at large. A pathetic coward without the spine or sense of self to be public about his or her beliefs in actions. Let's hope that the police catch this criminal quickly.

Zachary Hyde

Southeast Portland

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