Did the dietitian at Good Sam, after getting up at 4:30 a.m. to stand in line for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, actually pass out six dozen of them to hospital staff members one fine morning last week? É The hospital PR folks say no, it was a 'food service worker' who didn't know any better as if there were something wrong with a shot of grease and sugar now and then. É Our source, who's worked at Good Sam long enough to know the difference, says otherwise. É Reader Henry Sakai e-mails that instead of making fun of Hillary for her amazingly profitable investment in livestock futures, I should be asking George Bush who, not incidentally, is also scheduled to visit P-town this month how he forgot to show up for his second year of Air National Guard duty. OK, everybody happy now? É So many Vincent D'Onofrio sightings over the past week, it's hard to keep track. Willamette Week reports that even its own short-story girl, Caryn Brooks, had a 'moment' with the movie star, whatever that means, wink, wink.

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Never, in the history of democratic institutions, has so much fuss been made over whether a mayoral aide who has never held public office himself will run for Congress or a seat on the City Council. É Well, of course, Sam Adams is running for Congress because he doesn't want to go up against Nick Fish, whose campaign for City Council is beginning to look more like a juggernaut every day. É Besides, if Adams runs for Congress, all he's got to do in the overwhelmingly Democratic 3rd Congressional District is come in first in the primary with maybe 20-some percent of the vote. É Insiders say Adams is relying heavily on the advice of property broker Terry Bean, who as co-founder of the national gay rights organization Human Rights Campaign can deliver big bucks from around the country. É Only problem might be Bean's role as trustee of a California fortune built on profits from gay porno videos. When Bean tried to donate $15,000 from the trust to the Kulongoski gubernatorial campaign last fall, Kulongoski sent it back.

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Is it possible that the talk show boom has peaked? All-talk radio station KTOK (620 AM) has switched back to a music format. So much, at least for now, for talk show host Gregg Clapper best known, perhaps, as the owner of that nasal, homespun and, if I may say so, annoying voice on all those Bill Sizemore commercials. É

Our ace Clackamas County correspondent reports that Will Vinton, who's currently locked in a legal battle with Nike's Phil Knight over control of his Claymation studio, has a 'For Sale' sign up in front of his home on River Road. 'You can't miss it. 'It's the one with gates that are shaped like dragons.'É Must be camping season. Mike Beard, who just signed on as manager for the state's Parks & Recreation Department which apparently leaves 'comment cards' for park visitors to fill out before they leave says he just received this one, complaining about the cabins at Tugman State Park in Coos County: 'More headroom on lower bunk. Hit head several times while making love. Top bunk needs to be wider same purpose.' É Thank goodness it's Beardo, and not someone less capable, on the case.

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