Portlanders respond to this question: Would you change anything about TriMet to make riding mass transit more appealing?

Suzi Helmlinger, a downtown business owner who lives in Southeast Portland: 'I believe that TriMet's biggest problem is that they ignore the people who would like to park their car and take public transportation. É Free, safe, crime-free parking in convenient locations will increase riders that are a positive influence. Otherwise, the riders in the free zone will continue to be people who do not contribute to the community and make the rest of us avoid public transportation as a whole.'

Rachel Gerber, a legal secretary who lives in Beaverton: 'I use and like TriMet. My twentysomething son and niece use it almost exclusively (good price and value). To make it more appealing: 1) expand; 2) offer more west-side parking; 3) better security for parking lots and MAX; 4) improve communication with riders when there are delays.'

Harvey Fink, a downtown Portland business consultant who lives in Vancouver, Wash. 'It is a boondoggle. It is a big expense for business. I don't know anyone who takes MAX downtown to shop.'

Chuck Jones, a certified financial planner who lives in Southwest Portland: 'Eliminate Fareless Square and use that money to hire security patrols to get rid of the drug dealers, especially in the city center and Lloyd areas.'

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