Bush's payment plan

reflects war policy

Although President Bush raised more than $1 million from Oregonians, he won't pay the $116,756 that it cost us to pay for Portland Police Bureau overtime (City to Bush: Pay up for cops, Oct. 24). This is consistent with Bush's war policy Ñ provide more for the rich no matter how much money they have, and require the less affluent to protect your actions without paying enough to cover their expenses.

When Democrats were sent their bill for $1,685, Bill Bradbury paid it, which is also consistent for Democrats: They spend less in the first place and endeavor to be responsible.

Sharon Joy

Northwest Portland

How about billing

anti-Bush crowd, too?

Although the fund-raising visit President Bush made to Portland last summer indeed resulted in increased police expenses, what about other factors (City to Bush: Pay up for cops, Oct. 24)?

For instance, don't the politically organized anti-Bush demonstrations themselves result in deterrent augmentation Ñ and thus more overtime for police? If so, perhaps a sense of fairness might lead our city to submit expense billings to the protest groups as well.

Forrest Darrough

Northwest Portland

Fence adds dignity

to pioneer cemetery

I would like to extend a thank you to everyone who was involved with the new wrought-iron fence that surrounds Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery at Southeast 82nd Avenue and Holgate Boulevard. Prior to the fence being installed, the cemetery always seemed to be incomplete. No longer. The fence looks great and lends integrity to the resting place of many early Portlanders.

The idea for the fence was formulated by the Foster-Powell and Lents neighborhood associations and the Lents urban renewal project committee. The project was funded by the Portland Development Commission. Metro managed the contractor, Reliable Fence & Construction. This was a partnership endeavor that really worked. Great job!

Kathy Heitkemper

Southeast Portland

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