Mannix's actions

are fine by many

What is the point of the article 'The un-governor' (Nov. 14)? The present governor has certainly alienated himself from large blocks of people who voted for him, because he said what he thought they wanted to hear in order to get elected, then did the opposite.

Somehow you fail to realize that the bastions of liberal thinking, Portland and Eugene, do not express the beliefs of the rest of the state.

I am a conservative Republican teacher, and Kevin Mannix speaks for me. I voted for him and continue to support what he says.

I find it laughable that what Mannix is accused of doing, when done by a member of the Democratic Party, is usually reported in glowing terms of approval for upholding the position of the minority. It reminds me of the Orwellian Suidae, or if you prefer, it reminds me of the position of the pigs in Orwell's book 'Animal Farm.'

William Thompson


Hagmeier upset that

teachers didn't kowtow

Sue Hagmeier's intemperance, though hard to excuse, is easy to understand (Teachers union looks out for itself, Insight, Nov. 14). Neither employees nor the public gave her the deference she thought she had earned by election to the school board.

That teachers in particular should disagree with her seemed to trouble Hagmeier greatly. Teachers do not believe their public service requires public servility. School board members who believe otherwise are bound to be frustrated.

Richard Garrett

Past president

Portland Association -of Teachers

Southeast Portland

Mimi Smith is a child,

and her story tragic

I am astounded that it appears only one ex-wife seems really concerned for Mimi Smith, who apparently left town with her softball coach (Missing teen: How much danger does she face?, Nov. 11). Thank you for being courageous and trying to get everyone to listen. I hear you loud and clear.

And let me get this correct: The coach, Andrew Garver, after learning about a child Ñ I repeat child Ñ being molested, her innocence erased, forever, then further uses her and abuses her again.

If she is still alive (and I pray she is), and if she tires of him and she can leave him (even grown women find it hard to leave a man who's not right for them), then what? Will she be able to trust men again? What does her future hold?

Parental figures handle infatuations firmly and in a straightforward way. They explain the birds and bees and tell teens to abstain, or at the very least, be with a boy who loves you, not an immature, aging pedophile.

Yes, pedophile. Smith is a child. She can't drive, vote or rent an apartment. She's still someone's baby daughter, and my heart goes out to her parents, family, friends: all who have been touched by her life.

Donna Lee Delk

Northeast Portland

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