(As used in Nevada, site of most bouts)

Fighters Ñ Grouped into five categories, from lightweight (145-155 pounds) to heavyweight (205-265 pounds).

Bouts Ñ Championship matches are five rounds, at five minutes per round, with a one-minute break between rounds.

Prohibited Ñ Illegal acts include head butting, eye gouging, biting, hair pulling, fish hooking (fingers in mouth), kneeing or kicking the head, clawing-pinching-twisting flesh, spitting and use of abusive language.

Victory Ñ Can be achieved through submission (when an opponent physically or verbally taps out), by technical knockout (as determined by the referee), or by other means, such as disqualification.

Equipment Ñ Short tights and padded gloves.

Arena Ñ An octagon-shaped combat area surrounded by fencing.

Ñ Jason Vondersmith

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