A few things I get a little tired of: • All the arguments against a national playoff in NCAA Division I football. If a playoff isn't good for 'student-athletes,' why are all the other divisions allowed to have them? You mean the football players at Linfield Ñ which is in the Division III playoffs Ñ are less valued than the ones at Oregon or Oregon State?

This makes no sense. Shouldn't the same standards be applied at all levels, if they're valid standards?

And you're using computers as part of the formula to decide who plays for the national title in the Bowl Championship Series? How crazy is that? Polls are used? Win it on the field or don't call anyone a real champion. It's all part of the corrupt system that marries the major bowls to the NCAA.

Corruption? Well, if not that, certainly stupidity. There's too much money in a playoff to ignore it. A 16-team playoff could fit into the format of the top eight bowls and build to a final championship game that would be as big as Ñ or even bigger than Ñ the Super Bowl.

Please, spare me the talk about 'student-athletes' missing class time. This is the same NCAA that sanctions its basketball players having games every day of the week, isn't it?

• The 11-game college football season. You know, colleges were allowed 12 games in each of the last two seasons. That's because 12 Saturdays happened to fall in the window of time the NCAA allows for games.

Next year, we're back to an 11-game season. Which is silly. The schools need the money that the dozen games bring, and we've seen no major calamity from the extra game. But you see, the NCAA doesn't always follow the money. Sometimes, it just follows the calendar.

• The West Coast offense. I used to love this, before it morphed into the boring time waster it's become in the NFL. Remember the days when a team that threw a lot of passes was always going to be exciting to watch?

Yeah, well, that was the old days. When throwing passes meant long gains. It's not that way anymore.

Meet the Detroit Lions. One of the reasons I broke down and bought that satellite package of NFL games this season was to watch Joey Harrington play each Sunday, along with getting a chance to pick the best game of the week.

But watching the Lions play is pure torture. Dinks, dumps, dropoffs, swing passes Ñ don't they ever look up the field?

I know, I know, the Lions are a very poor football team, whatever offense they play. But it's frustrating to watch a team that throws the ball, on average, about as far as your neighborhood Pop Warner team.

And the Lions aren't alone. It's an epidemic. A lot of teams don't stretch the defense as much as they stretch your patience.

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