Locals suggest holiday activities from the surreal to the sedate


Portlanders respond to this question: What holiday activity would you recommend to Portlanders during December?

Jill Eiland, a government relations executive who lives in Northwest Portland: 'My family and I enjoy harvesting our own fresh Christmas tree and serving a meal to the neediest children and families in our community at the Salvation Army.'

Christopher Frankonis, a writer who lives in Southeast Portland: 'Randomly encountering the Portland Cacophony Society's annual SantaCon, alternatively referred to as Santarchy. What can beat a raucous throng of Santas hitting the streets (and bars) of Portland spreading 'naughty mayhem' and holiday cheer?'

Rachel Gerber, a legal secretary who lives in Beaverton: 'Every year, I attend 'The Nutcracker' and visit the Grotto. At least one year, go and find your own tree on Mount Hood.'

Misti Wittenberg, an executive for a long-term care facility who lives in Northwest Portland: 'Take your best friend to a concert of Michael Allen Harrison's 'Christmas at the Old Church.' Michael's magnificent renditions of holiday favorites, plus his own piano compositions, will inspire the toughest Scrooge.'

Chuck Jones, a certified financial planner who lives in Southwest Portland: 'I recommend viewing the Christmas ships from a fine restaurant and attending Christmas Eve service at your favorite church.'

Paddy Tillett, an architect who lives in Northwest Portland: 'Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious or pagan festival, let's call it Christmas instead of pretending it is something else. 'Happy Holidays' is a feeble attempt at being inclusive that pleases nobody. Happy Christmas, everyone!'