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I don't know what the problem is with figuring out towing fees (Tow firms rev up to fight for their fees, Nov. 28). I think it is obvious that the tow companies know what their services are worth based on what they charge paying customers for tows.

If a tow company charges me $75 to tow my dead car from a parking lot to the shop that does my repairs, why should it charge more to tow a car that is in a protected parking area? If it needs to perform additional operations, such as wheel dollies, it can add additional charges.

I know several people who own tow trucks and make a decent living without scalping the public.

I think what the city of Portland is allowing the tow companies to charge is outrageous and reprehensible.

Richard Burdick


Do we have to read

about the jerks?

Is there a way that we can avoid media bombardment given to promoters of misbehavior?

Public shunning would work. Refusing to publicize the misdeeds of the jerks, having them sit on the bench, banning them to an existence without publicity, would give them no reason to misbehave.

Or, if Paul Allen continues to allow his band of underwear-clad, criminally directed NBA stars to parade around the Rose Garden, insulting our sense of reasonableness, rename the team Allen's Felons.

If the media, specifically a particular local television station, continues to defy a judge's gag ruling for communication with and by Ward Weaver, rename that media beehive Weaver's Mouthpiece.

How nice it would be not to be bombarded with news about Rasheed Wallace, Bonzi Wells, Damon Stoudamire, Ward Weaver and others of equal negative appeal.

Imagine not reading, hearing or viewing news about people who make negative contributions to society. They're not news anymore.

Gary L. Hollen

Oregon City

Esplanade is welcome

economic influence

Your article on the positive economic impact of the Eastbank Esplanade quoted our office manager in a manner that made it appear as if those of us at River City Bicycles are skeptical of the economic value of the Eastbank Esplanade (Esplanade acts as a magnet for east side, Nov. 21). Actually, we are very excited about this new pathway and the other bicycling and pedestrian projects under development here on the east side.

Although it's difficult to pin an exact dollar amount on the increased business that results from increased bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the Eastbank Esplanade, the fact is that our two best sales years ever have been 2002 and 2003 Ñ the years the Esplanade has been open for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. And these record-breaking sales years have occurred during a time of economic recession, when many other retailers have been experiencing a significant slump in sales.

The fact is, many of our customers and employees use the Eastbank Esplanade and other local trails all the time Ñ both for commuting to and from work and for recreation. The trails are safe, easy to use and just plain fun. We applaud the efforts of the citizen activists, planners and leaders in the city of Portland and Metro who are working to develop safer and more accessible transportation routes for bicyclists and pedestrians. You're doing a great job Ñ keep up the good work!

Curt Dewees

River City Bicycles

Southeast Portland

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