This team shouldnt be playing for No. 1


Weekend leftovers:

• So you have this Bowl Championship Series setup that's supposed to provide you with a national college football champion.

Sure, it is.

I'll ask you now to forget about whether USC ought to be playing for the national championship. That's one controversy. But there's another one. In my mind, there's one team that should not be playing for it: Oklahoma.

Any team Ñ and I mean any team Ñ that loses its final game of the season 35-7 should not be anywhere near a chance to play for the national title in its next game. No way. No how. Never.

USC, incidentally, could end up coming out of all this smelling like, well, a rose. Both polls have them No. 1, and if the Trojans win their bowl game, they'll probably finish as the Associated Press national champion Ñ without having to play Oklahoma.

All in all, this has been a fiasco, though. And the NCAA should be ashamed of itself.

• You have to be happy for Tigard High football coach Frank Geske. His Tigers captured the Class 4A state football championship Saturday, and this man has earned a title. Gosh, he paid his dues.

I mean, isn't coaching football for years in the PIL paying dues? Not only that, he's shown people that you can still run a disciplined program someplace other than in a small town. This is a man, remember, who was in hot water a couple of years ago for yelling at his players.

Can you imagine, a football coach yelling at his players? I know I'm old, but in my day, if a coach Ñ especially a football coach Ñ didn't yell at you once in a while, he didn't care about you.

• Speaking of the state football championship, I've written about this before, but I sure wish they'd change the way they telecast the games from Autzen Stadium in Eugene. They block off one side of the stadium and keep all the fans on the same side the TV cameras are situated on.

So all day there are thousands and thousands of empty seats in the background of the 3A and 4A games. It looks as if the game is being played in a secret location. I know the press box is on the same side as the covered seats, but why not put the cameras on the other side so you'd see fans in the background instead of empty seats?

That way, maybe they wouldn't have to cut to those endless shots in between plays of the same kids mugging for the camera.

• Kind of funny, isn't it, that now Bonzi Wells has been traded, Qyntel Woods seems to get even less playing time than he got before. Yeah, I know he's not playing well and can't make shots, but this season was supposed to be about getting him experience and building for the future.

When you get into Maurice Cheeks' doghouse, you tend to stay there for a while. Ask Jeff McInnis or Damon Stoudamire. Or Bonzi Wells, for that matter.

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