UO injury report


A list of what has bothered the primary players this season, from Kevin Steil, associate director for athletic medicine and football:

Running backs

x-Matt Floberg Ð left shoulder AC (acromioclavicular) joint sprain; neck whiplash

*x-Luke Rowley Ð concussion

x-Chris Vincent Ð left ankle sprain; sore left knee

x-Terrence Whitehead Ð left ankle sprain; right foot sprain; bruised ribs; sore left knee

Wide receivers

*x-Keith Allen Ð left knee ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear, surgery

x-Jordan Carey Ð strained hamstring; sprained ankle; partial tear, PCL (posterior crucial ligament), left knee

x-Marcus Maxwell Ð dislocated right shoulder, surgery delayed

Samie Parker Ð left shoulder AC joint sprain; right ankle sprain

Demetrius Williams Ð sore left knee; shoulder AC joint sprain

Tight ends

x-Tim Day Ð left shoulder AC joint sprain

x-Nate LiaBraaten Ð broken right ankle

*x-Josh Rogers Ð right biceps tear, surgery

Offensive linemen

*x-Josh Atkins Ð concussion

x-Mike De La Grange Ð lower back spasms; knee sprain; AC joint shoulder sprain.

*x-Joey Forster Ð left knee ACL tear, surgery

Robin Knebel Ð lower back strain

Ian Reynoso Ð right knee MCL (medial collateral ligament) sprain

Dan Weaver Ð sore right ankle

Defensive linemen

*x-Haloti Ngata Ð left knee ACL tear, surgery

Igor Olshansky Ð left shoulder AC joint sprain

Robby Valenzuela Ð right elbow sprain


x-Justin Andrews Ð sore knee

*x-Rob Hamilton Ð left knee ACL tear, surgery

Jerry Matson Ð hamstring pull

x-Marcus Miller Ð damaged right knee

Kevin Mitchell Ð left shoulder AC joint sprain; bursitis, both shoulders

x-Ramone Reed Ð left knee MCL sprain

*x-Anthony Trucks Ð right shoulder surgery

x-Scott Vossmeyer Ð right knee MCL sprain

*x-Ramond White Ð right shoulder surgery

Defensive backs

*x-Stephen Clayton Ð concussion

x-Sam Hughes Ð partial tear, right groin

Keith Lewis Ð sore right hamstring; sore knee

x-Steven Moore Ð left ankle sprain

x-Justin Phinisee Ð osteitis pubis (inflammation between cartilage and pelvic bones)

x-Rodney Woods Ð strained neck muscles

(List does not include wide receiver Kellen Taylor, who broke his wrist and later got kicked off the team, and walk-on linebacker Mike Proulx, whose season ended because of a concussion.)

x Ð missed game(s)

* Ð out for season

Ñ Jason Vondersmith