'The difference between a daydreamer and a visionary is the work that the latter is willing to do to see his or her aspirations come true.

'As we enter Oregon's damp winter months, there is a definite temptation to come down on the side of idle contemplation next to a toasty fireplace. But somehow, we don't think Gov. Ted Kulongoski and the Wieden & Kennedy advertising agency had Walter Mitty in mind when they developed the state's new branding slogan: 'Oregon. We love dreamers.'

'The image, power and vision of those words make us think about folks such as former Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, who tinkered with rubber and a waffle iron and bold marketing concepts to create Beaverton's own Nike. And along the way, they ultimately changed what people around the world wear on their feet.

'Just as easily, the state's new slogan conjures up an image of Tektronix founders Howard Vollum and Jack Murdock.

'Over the years, the state and its many diverse communities have benefited from many other dreamers, including those who created the nation's first bottle bill or placed an entire coastline under public ownership.

'Oregon's new branding slogan is certainly preferable to the old tourist come-on, 'Things look different here,' because it evokes the human qualities, vision and commitments of the state's residents, not just the physical attributes, that make Oregon a special place.'

Ñ From an editorial published Dec. 5 by the Beaverton Valley Times

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