Ages span from 92 years old to just 3 months

For most families, five generations would span centuries, not decades. For most families, the thought of getting to meet your great-great-grandparent is more fantasy than reality. Then again, Wilda Guthu and her family aren't like most families.

A few weeks ago, Wilda invited her entire family over for a family reunion. All five generations.

That's right, 92-year-old Wilda spent part of her day with 3-month-old Joslyn Owen, one of her great-great-grandchildren.

In total, the reunion featured two of Wilda's kids, five of her grandchildren, 14 of her great-grandchildren and two of her great-great-grandkids.

'It's a lot of fun,' Wilda's daughter Kathy said, 'and it would be even more fun if more people could show up. But considering the times and the way things are, it can get a little spendy sometimes, especially for the people coming from Washington.'

In total, Wilda has four living children, 21 grandchildren, 43 great-grandkids and nine great-great-grandkids, and that doesn't include spouses or stepchildren.

According to Kathy, Wilda is still pretty active for a 92-year-old, and she still lives in the same house in Barton where she has been in for more than 60 years. Kathy and her five siblings all grew up in Barton and attended Barton School and Estacada High School.

'That is why we have the reunion here,' Kathy said, 'because the grandkids wanted their kids to have the same experience they did growing up and coming out to Grandma's house. The kids pretty much spent the day down at the deep creek that runs in the back, and then they would just come in and grab a sandwich before heading right back out, just like we used to do.'

As for whether there will be a sixth generation joining the family soon, the oldest great-great-grandchild is only 8, so Wilda has a while to wait.

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