DoveLewis shares emergency and preparedness tips

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - DoveLweis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland will offer a free pet first aid class on Nov. 3.October is Pet Safety and Preparedness Month. Whether it’s a large-scale natural disaster or an accident in the home, pet owners should err on the side of caution and prepare now. In honor of the event, DoveLweis Emergency Animal Hospital, 1945 NW Pettygrove in Portland, will offer a free pet first aid class on Nov. 3.

“While it may sound obvious, the time to prepare for the worst is well before it happens,” said Marilee Muzatko, DoveLewis veterinary technician.

“Having a plan in place — and being well-versed in what to do — will enable you to focus primarily on your wellbeing and keep your pet calm and safe.”

Pet owners are also advised to keep a first aid safety kit on hand at home and in the car. The home kit should include an animal first aid book, and pamphlets from the American Red Cross should be kept in the car.

Keep essential medical record information, including your pet’s name, age, breed, sex, microchip number, vaccine history and any pre-existing health problems and your veterinarian’s contact information, in any kit. This will make it easier to relay this information to a veterinarian if you call for assistance.

In the car kit, keep advance directive information in case you are also severely injured and/or contact information for a friend or relative who can make medical decisions for your pet.

Below are preparation tips from DoveLewis in case of a disaster:

  • Be informed, research services available in your area.

  • Discuss plans for rescue or potential evacuation.

  • Identify a family meeting spot.

  • Identify your animal and keep all contact information current.

  • Organize and copy medical records, including a current photo of your pet.

  • Talk to neighbors about joint planning and reciprocal support.

  • Prepare and post rescue instructions in your home.

  • Practice your plan with family, neighbors and pets.

  • Practice kenneling/crating your pets.

  • Keep your car’s gas tank close to full and keep emergency cash on hand.

  • Keep rescue and evacuation kits stocked and easily accessible.

    Visit the Animal Poison Control Center at Visit the poison help line at For more information, including recomended first aid kit supplies, visit

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