Libraries are investments in community

Our family appreciates the myriad of uses our library provides. My youngest son takes daily trips to greet the librarians, search for Scooby Doo videos and the occasional book. My older son checks out books for school projects, uses the quiet areas for study and reads the occasional MAD magazine in the teen section. My father spent several years volunteering to collect books from the mobile return box, so much so that he actually received an award for the largest number of volunteer hours in one year.

Chuck and I feel like we have a second family in the incredible staff and volunteers. They recommend books and help us find answers to quirky questions. We donate coffee to the First Tuesday Concert series. The use of the library continues to grow, not decline. In spite of our digital age, bricks and mortar library locations, particularly in a town like Lake Oswego, support a wide array of needs. Our existing library is simply too small in size and too big in use for the neighborhood it lives in.

Investing in a new library is a win for all. Relocating and building a mixed-use complex with a new library and parking is an investment in our present and future. Join us in supporting Measure 3-405.

Chuck, Lisa, Jackson and Mac

Shaw-Ryan and John B. Shaw

Lake Oswego

Vote for Jordan for city council

Terry Jordan would be an excellent Lake Oswego City Council member. Terry treats others with respect and is a good listener with a quick analytical mind.

I highly recommend Terry for city council.

Valerie Whelan

Lake Oswego

Greg Macpherson for mayor of Lake Oswego

Our community is so fortunate to have a talented leader like Greg Macpherson running for mayor. Greg has devoted his career to public service while also maintaining a law career. He doesn’t make a living in politics, instead he gets satisfaction from devoting his time to making our community better.

He is an honored member of our community, in 2007, the chamber of commerce named Greg as the Community Leader of the Year.

He is willing to lend a hand to issues big and small. He has worked to support our schools foundation, he leads hikes through our parks, he serves lunch at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center and cleans sculptures in the Gallery Without Walls as a member of the Rotary Club of Lake Oswego.

I always see him at the farmers market and around town, walking, biking and even playing his bagpipes.

We are so lucky to have Greg running for mayor, please join me in voting for Greg Macpherson.

Lynne Wintermute

Lake Oswego

Macpherson, O’Neill, Gustafson, Tierney backed

What an election year. I’ve studied the issues and attended several candidate forums.

I will vote for Greg Macpherson, Skip O’Neill, Jon Gustafson and Bill Tierney.

The other candidates spoke in lockstep — same phrases, repeated concepts. I did not see independent thinkers, but candidates who dance to someone else’s beat.

Skip O’Neill impressed me with his specific answers, innovative ideas and research. Ask him about the pump station or the LO-Tigard water project. He will give you facts, not a simplistic dismissal.

Jon Gustafson’s background — architecture degree, runs his own remodeling company, chaired the planning commission — makes him well qualified to work on our city’s largest projects.

I have been a Bill Tierney fan since he chaired the DRC. He was fair and patient. Bill shows a sophisticated knowledge of financial issues, seeing Lake Oswego’s past, present and future. He succinctly defines the issues, an important skill given the complexity of most subjects facing the city. We need him.

I appreciate Greg Macpherson’s character, accomplishments, work ethic and his work to reduce Oregon’s PERS. His polish and civility will represent Lake Oswego well.

I urge you to vote for Greg Macpherson, Skip O’Neill, Jon Gustafson and Bill Tierney.

Deborah Lopardo

Lake Oswego

Vote for Macpherson, Gustafson, Tierney, O’Neill

After attending several candidate forums and being involved with interviewing each of the candidates individually with two different organizations, I can say without reservation that I believe our Lake Oswego community will best be served by electing Greg Macpherson as mayor and Jon Gustafson, Bill Tierney and Skip O’Neill as city councilors.

I have worked with most of these candidates through the past several years during my involvement with several organizations including the Lake Oswego School Board, the LO Chamber of Commerce Board and the Lake Oswego Downtown Rotary. These are candidates that have a depth and breadth of knowledge about our community that comes from several years of living here, working here and being involved in a variety of different ways. These are candidates that care about the issues we are currently facing, but have no agenda other than the continued excellence of Lake Oswego.

Please join me in voting for Greg Macpherson as mayor and Jon Gustafson, Bill Tierney and Skip O’Neill as city councilors. They will serve our community well.

Chris Schetky

Lake Oswego

COLA issues its endorsements

Our city council should exemplify itself with well-managed efforts and precise priorities. City expenditures need to begin to add maximum value initially and over the long run. Why? Because residents are under financial stress and their resources are limited.

The city council can no longer afford to do everything for every special interest group with our taxpayer funds. They need to focus on core services, which clearly benefit everyone.

COLA believes that candidates Dan Williams, Karen Bowerman and Skip O’Neill will bring real fiscal discipline with innovative solutions to our council. Clearly, their unique solutions and experience are required in a resource-limited environment.

Local government should operate with the “’informed consent” of the entire community. lt’’s essential to sponsoring managed change in the right direction and establishing priorities. Our past councils have operated without the informed consent of the community (West End Building, streetcar, etc.) and that’s created a high level of divisiveness and distrust of local government.

Kent Studebaker understands this and believes government is a servant of its citizens. He is engaged, passionate and listens to the community. Those skills combined with his experience as chairman of the citizen’s budget committee will make him an excellent mayor.

Chris L. Foster

Lake Oswego

Board member for COLA, Citizens For Local Accountability

How about enforcing cellphone law?

I see that we Lake Oswego voters are being asked to vote on $25.4 million changes to Boones Ferry Road to improve safety for travelers. Here’s a cheaper solution. Enforce the cellphone law.

I drive Boones Ferry roundtrip daily between 4 and 5 p.m., when traffic is heavy and school is out, and notice that easily 5 to 10 percent of the drivers at that time are using a handheld cellphone while driving.

The National Safety Council says 24 percent of crashes involve drivers talking and texting on a cellphone.

I suggest that if the city of Lake Oswego were known for strictly enforcing the prohibition against driving while using a handheld cellular device throughout the community, not only Boones Ferry Road but all Lake Oswego streets would be safer. And hiring another officer or two if needed wouldn’t begin to cost $25.4 million, and I have no doubt would be a much more effective safety measure than anything contemplated for Boones Ferry alone.

Bruce Preslan

Lake Oswego

Cast your vote for Macpherson

Greg Macpherson is an exceptional candidate for mayor of Lake Oswego and he has a strong desire to serve his city. We need a mayor who brings special qualities of leadership and strong human relations skills.

Greg meets those needs.

I have known Greg as a fellow Lake Oswego Rotarian. He is a very genuine person who cares about others and his community. He is a man of integrity. He is a proven communicator. As mayor, Greg would utilize his skills and abilities to address some of our priority concerns such as establishing effective working relations with the council, facilitating conflict resolution and putting an action plan in place to address current issues.

I believe that Greg has the potential to become one of the most effective mayors our city has known.

A vote for Greg Macpherson for mayor will be a vote to keep Lake Oswego great.

George Benson

Lake Oswego

‘Bill brings reason to the table’

My wife and I are strongly supporting Bill Tierney for reelection to the Lake Oswego City Council. I have attended a number of city council meetings in the past several years. It is obvious that Bill is one of the few calm, reasonable and, most importantly, cooperative members of the present council.

In a time when conjecture and combativeness seem too often the norm, Bill brings reason to the table.

Let’s keep a quality person on the council! Vote for Bill Tierney for Lake Oswego City Council.

Roger and Maggie Martin

Lake Oswego

Tell us cost difference between new library and using WEB space

I’m trying to make an informed decision as to whether to vote for the new library bond and it would be very helpful if any of the candidates for city council or mayor could tell us what the dollars and cents difference is between reinforcing the West End Building and the library bond.

I do know the West End Building is more in the center of Lake Oswego’s population, has more than adequate parking and already Lake Oswego is paying a million dollars a year to maintain it.

Come on guys, give some figures.

Carole Sargent

Lake Oswego

Join us in supporting Jon Gustafson

We write to express our support for Jon Gustafson for Lake Oswego City Council. We have known Jon for years. As a result, we respect his judgment, integrity, knowledge of the challenges we face and insight regarding potential solutions to key issues of importance to our community.

Jon’s reassuring, respectful approach to problem solving, demonstrated most recently in his service as chairman and vice chairman of the Lake Oswego Planning Commission, should contribute to elevating the character and quality of deliberations at the city council.

Jon’s ability to understand the human dynamics and underlying merit of proposed solutions qualify him to serve as a city councilor. We believe Jon’s primary focus will be to make progress on solutions we can generally all agree upon. Jon’s ability to prioritize and to be effective in functioning within our limited community resources also qualify him to serve.

Please join us in supporting Jon Gustafson.

Randy and Katie Arthur

Lake Oswego

LO deserves leaders who appreciate city’s character

I was a member of the Lake Oswego Planning Commission when Jon Gustafson was appointed to the planning commission and I served through most of his tenure as chairman.

I received an email from Mr. Gustafson, an oversight on his part I suspect, encouraging me to support him and his ticket for city council.

The Lake Oswego City Council needs a healthy dose of common sense, prudence and fiscal responsibility, and as far as I can tell, that isn’t anything he or his ticket support or is even concerned with. 

There are two slates of candidates running for city council with two very differing philosophies. On one hand are the four candidates advocating prudence, common sense, fiscal responsibility and local control of city government. The other ticket advocates the continued legacy building, civic hedonism, Portlandification of Lake Oswego and regional control of city government. 

Lake Oswego deserves a mayor and city council that appreciates the character of Lake Oswego, are willing to preserve it and show respect for all Lake Oswego citizens and their property. A city council that has as its foundation prudence, common sense and fiscal responsibility.

Fundamental concepts best achieved by electing Studebaker, Bowerman, O’Neill and Williams to city council.

Russell Jones

Weed, Calif.

Fiscal responsibility should be the basic foundation

Fiscal responsibility is the basic foundation of any successful individual, family, city, state or country. And I think we can all agree on that on every level. We the people are in serious trouble. This November election will either see us get back on track or continue our journey off the rails and over the cliff. That’s why my vote will be given to the following: 

Mayor: Kent Studebaker

City council: Karen Bowerman, Skip O’Neill and Dan Williams 

Please join me in getting Lake Oswego back to common sense fiscal accountability.

Sue Stangland

Lake Oswego

Your vote counts

This is a very important time for Lake Oswego. For several years, Lake Oswego leaders have pushed their own agenda, ignoring the wishes of the people and blatantly insulting their intelligence.

Starting with the WEB, decisions have been made by two mayors and various council members without heeding the public opposition. Electing Macpherson, Tierney or Gustafson would only continue that process.

The residents of Lake Oswego who oppose the current council agendas have worked very hard to produce excellent candidates who will return LO to fiscal accountability, insuring city services come first, respecting the citizens and their rights, and keeping Lake Oswego the lovely village it is rather than an extension of Portland.

Dan Williams has put together a shuttle bus for seniors who need rides to doctors, shopping or wherever they need to go without cost to them (NeighborLink). LO leadership seems to think services should cost a fortune and has failed to produce anything like this for residents.

Please vote for Kent Studebaker for mayor and Dan Williams, Karen Bowerman and Skip O’Neill for city council. Together they have the energy, honesty and knowledge to make Lake Oswego the peaceful place it should be. 

Gale Gipson

Lake Oswego

Macpherson will bring civility, reasonableness

We have a special opportunity to elect an unusually capable mayor in November. Greg Macpherson will bring needed civility and reasonableness to the way our city council operates.

Greg comes from a family tradition of public service. In his past service to Oregon he tackled the difficult need to begin making PERS sustainable, at considerable cost to his own standing with some public employee political interests. This task was obviously not done for personal gain, but from a desire to contribute to the welfare of Oregon.

Now he is offering his time, thoughtfulness and leadership skills to help us maintain and improve our special city.

We will benefit hugely from Greg’s willingness to make the professional and personal sacrifices involved in serving as mayor. He has only the welfare of Lake Oswego in mind.

We should leap at the chance to elect him mayor. Vote for Greg Macpherson for mayor of Lake Oswego.

Ellie McPeak

Lake Oswego

Former mayor of Lake Oswego Chamber announces candidate endorsements

I am pleased to announce as CEO of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce that at our Oct. 10 board meeting the board of directors affirmed the recommendation of its Government Affairs Committee to endorse the election of four candidates for city office this November. They are Greg Macpherson for mayor, and Bill Tierney, Jon Gustafson and Skip O’Neill for city council. This followed the Government Affairs Committee interviews of all candidates and the chamber’s candidates forum.

Committee chairman Doug Cushing said the decision reflected the chamber mission to improve the business climate in Lake Oswego in partnership with the community. The committee considered the depth of the candidates’ support for economic development and infrastructure needs such as the Foothills area and the Boones Ferry Road improvements. The chamber board previously announced its backing of the library and Boones Ferry Road bond issues also on the November ballot.

Chuck O’Leary

Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce

Re-elect Tierney to city council

As a planning commissioner, I have interacted with Councilor Tierney on several important initiatives over the past two years.

I firmly believe that Tierney’s vision and leadership will help protect and preserve what is unique and cherished about the city, while also keeping it forward looking and economically robust for future needs and aspirations.

Tierney is an independent thinker and stands out in his unique ability to filter through complex issues to identify key concerns and priorities. He is willing to keep an open mind, listen to citizens and work collaboratively to make issue-based decisions. These qualities, together with combined 11 years of experience on the city council and development review commission, make him an obvious choice for re-election. Please join me in voting for Bill Tierney.

Puja Bhutani

Lake Oswego

Olson shares her perspective on what the city needs

As my four-year term on Lake Oswego City Council nears completion, I have a clear perspective on what our city needs for a successful future. We need a strategic plan with well-defined priorities, strong fiscal management and common sense. Pretty simple. But who are the best candidates for this job?

Having spent one-on-one time interviewing each candidate, my conclusion is that the best people to join the council are Kent Studebaker for mayor, and Dan Williams, Skip O’Neill and Karen Bowerman for city council.

I am convinced these are people we can count on to secure the long-term prosperity and vitality of Lake Oswego. They each have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and a desire to contribute to the community they love. Perhaps most importantly, they believe that fostering a collaborative, open relationship with their fellow citizens, based on trust and inclusive decision making, is crucial to the success of the next city council.

Please join me in voting for Kent Studebaker to be our next mayor, and Dan Williams, Skip O’Neill and Karen Bowerman to complete our city council.

Mary Olson

Lake Oswego City Councilor

Willliams supports schools, children

Last Thursday, Sarah Howell wrote a letter that said Jon Gustafson was the only city council candidate “with young children in the Lake Oswego School District.” She made it sound like Mr. Gustafson would be the only strong school supporter if he won.

We want to let everyone know that our dad, Dan Williams, who is running for city council, has two daughters in Lake Oswego schools. We are at Rivergrove and Lakeridge and have been here since before kindergarten! Our parents support the school foundation.

Our dad has lots of good ideas for helping schools. He hasn’t even won yet, and he’s already thinking of things the city and the schools could do together. One thing he thought of was to share things like gasoline and garages. He always taught us that sharing is good.

Our dad cares a lot about our city. He knows how much kids like parks and fields to play on. And he thinks kids need more sidewalks and safe pathways to walk to school. He wants to make sure our city is safe for all of us who live here.

Please vote for our dad, Dan Williams, for city council.

Emily and Eleanor Williams

Lake Oswego

Williams strong on schools

Please vote for Dan Williams for city council. Dan recognizes that strong schools are a key reason families move to Lake Oswego and will work to find partnership opportunities that benefit both our schools and our taxpayers.

Dan’s Citizen’s View article in the Review is an example of his ability to find mutually beneficial solutions for schools and the city. Dan pointed out our city needs to invest in a new or substantially improved maintenance yard. His idea is to improve our maintenance yard in such a way that it could serve both the needs of the city and the school district. The school district could sell its current operations facility, located in a residential neighborhood behind Lake Grove School. The school district would receive a substantial chunk of money from the sale of the property, and the city could lease space to the district, offsetting a portion of construction cost of a new facility.

As the mother of a Lake Oswego High student, I appreciate that Dan is strong on schools. He has kids in LOSD as well, and I know he will continue to work on ways to support schools without burdening taxpayers.

Stacy Olson

Lake Oswego

Gustafson has a voice that stands apart

Through the din of political clamoring, the voice that stands apart is the calm and steady one. That voice belongs to council candidate Jon Gustafson.

Jon’s tenure on the planning commission brings to residents the experience of someone who has already reviewed every land use issue that goes before the city council. His skills as a councilor amidst the rancor of local politics have been highly valued.

For Lake Oswego to remain the city it is today, we need leaders with an eye focused on what’s around the bend. Jon is that sentry. He will serve the entire city, acknowledging that its differences are one of Lake Oswego’s strengths, in its neighborhoods, its businesses and especially in its residents.

Please join me in electing Jon Gustafson to our next city council.

Mary Ann Kunkel

Lake Oswego

Macpherson gives parks a priority

I care about Lake Oswego parks. They intersperse our neighborhoods with the beauty of natural areas and the opportunity of play areas and fields for sports and family activities.

Candidates for office are assessed in part by the knowledge and conviction they have for public assets that citizens hold in high regard.

I know Greg Macpherson as an avid hiker and cyclist who has firsthand experience and understanding of our highly varied park system. He is committed to protecting all of them because he sees the benefits they provide for all of us who also use and enjoy them. 

Greg will give priority to maintaining our city parks and combating the invasive species that threaten the integrity of these natural resource areas.

In order to help preserve and enhance the great legacy of Lake Oswego parks, please join me in voting for Greg Macpherson for mayor.

Michael Buck

Lake Oswego

Time to turn away from the past

First it was affordable high-density housing, and now they want it subsidized with city funds? In a work session the council was split 3 to 3 on whether to fund a study as to the feasibility of the city, you and me, subsidizing housing.

This group is bleeding us to death with a thousand small cuts of fees, spending and debt that is threatening the lifestyle and property values of LO. To this leadership of previous Mayor Hammerstad and current Mayor Hoffman there is no government spending that is too much, and no project on which they should not spend our money.

One vote would have stopped wasting money on this study. Bill Tierney was the swing vote and once again voted with Mayor Hoffman. Mr. Tierney wants us to believe he is fiscally responsible and his own man, yet he toes the Hoffman line and is his clone.

It is time to turn away from this past and present where Metro’s wishes come first and planners’ dreams of Mr. Gustafson are to be implemented while ignoring reality.

Vote to support the vision of citizens not Metro’s lackeys. Vote for Williams, Bowerman and O’Neill for city council.

Faryl Ammon

Lake Oswego

Yes to Bowerman for council

Karen Bowerman is my kind of “yes” candidate for city council. Yes to fiscal responsibility. Yes for understanding that it is our tax money that city council spends. Yes to listening in a caring manner to citizens. Yes to generous funding of core services such as police, fire and roads. Yes to meaningful prioritization of the many projects cited for council action. Yes for citizen vote on bonds and major city expenditures to keep them in check, knowing there is no substitute for votes from the people who have to pay off city debt. Yes for doing what we can to stop skyrocketing water/sewer bills. Yes to maintaining our family-friendly community. Yes for zoning that is consistent with our residential character and preserves our safe, clean community. Yes to a balanced approach of environmental stewardship and respecting citizens’ property. Yes to objective and factual discussion of points on which we disagree, knowing that a better result is achieved.

If you have not met Karen Bowerman, please consider attending her (free) open forum on Sunday, Oct. 21, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Oswego Grill. Hear her transparency; it is refreshing. Tell her what you think about LO issues; she wants to listen.

Mike and Dotty Holm

Lake Oswego

We can’t expect the same thing to get different results

Most Lake Oswegans are familiar with the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

This bit of wisdom can be applied to many areas of our lives, including the upcoming city council election, which does indeed give the citizens of Lake Oswego a chance to do something different so we can obtain different (and better) results from our city government.

Specifically, we have the opportunity to elect candidates who will refocus the city council’s priorities to those that are important to its citizens, including:

n Listening to citizens and integrating their input into council decisions.

n Taking a balanced approach to how and where we spend our financial resources.

n Prioritizing needs to focus on core services such as police, safety, schools, fire, roads, pathways and parks.

n Respecting and protecting people’s property rights.

Kent Studebaker, Karen Bowerman, Skip O’Neill and Dan Williams are the candidates who can deliver this kind of future for Lake Oswego. They care about our community and will help us realize the kind of city we want.

We need their leadership, so please vote for them this November. Our city’s future depends on it.

Greg Nelson

Lake Oswego

Do good for schools by voting for Macpherson

In the upcoming general election local voters have the opportunity to do something good for our schools by choosing Greg Macpherson as the next mayor of Lake Oswego.

Greg repeatedly has shown his commitment to schools. As our representative in Salem, he passed legislation to increase the amount of our local option levy. He served as honorary chairman of the annual phon-a-thon for the Lake Oswego School District Foundation, helping to raise the extra funding it takes to make sure we have enough teachers in our classrooms.

I was impressed when Greg talked to our local Stand for Children chapter and again at the Oct. 4 Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce breakfast forum for the city council and mayoral candidates, when Greg made a commitment to support the renewal of the local option levy.

I realize that all candidates for public office say they want great schools, therefore, parents should look at what those candidates have actually done to see who has shown the clearest commitment. For mayor of Lake Oswego that person is Greg Macpherson. Please vote for him to strengthen our schools.

Karen Stewart

Lake Oswego

Tierney is the council choice that rings clear

It’s not often that one city council choice rings as clearly as it does in this election year. Bill Tierney has all the qualities of a great councilman. He’s experienced. He’s independent. He does his homework. He’s patient. He’s open-minded. He’s ethical. He’s a hard worker. He’s a gentleman. He cares.

He has my vote. He should have yours as well.

Paul Kachel

Lake Oswego

Studebaker will plan and prioritize spending

This past Thursday’s Lake Oswego Review (Oct. 11) contained an article addressing Lake Oswego’s plan for a new indoor tennis center. What brought me out of my chair was a source of suggested funding being a $2.3M revenue bond, “likely backed by the city’s full faith and credit.”

Spending on credit seems to be a disease among a majority of the council. And the property owners and their taxes are what they are putting their faith in. It is, after all, community property owners who will have to pay off the credit commitment to the purchasers of those bonds.

Projects such as this one has convinced me that we need a serious change in our city government. Kent Studebaker has made it clear that under his guidance as mayor there will be a strategic plan and spending will be prioritized. Basic services will come first and projects will have a full hearing from our citizens before we commit to more credit card spending.

I urge your vote for fiscal responsibility and Kent Studebaker for mayor!

Denny Hageman

Lake Oswego

‘Miles’ will be missed

We called him “Miles.” Seemed so appropriate as we watched him tirelessly walk the neighborhoods of LO over the course of many years. Where he had been and where he was headed each day we never knew. It always appeared as if he had some important destination though.

Many mornings I could tell how late I was for work based on how far he had made it up South Shore. One day, as he walked by our house, I noticed he wore a new hat, ironically displaying in large letters on the front, “Miles.” My first thought was maybe he got it from a friendly LO neighbor or possibly from a grandchild that recognized the humor in it.

He would sit and rest on the electrical transformer outside our house, never accepting of anything including water on the hottest summer days. He was old and slow, yet energetic and inspiring in his own way. My guess is he touched more hearts in this community than he might have ever known.

I was sad to hear the news he had walked on this last week. He was a part of what makes me admire our community so much. Cheers to you “Miles,” we will miss you.

Brad and Kristin Senner

Lake Oswego

Tierney will work to keep the city moving forward

I’m supporting Bill Tierney for another city council term and I encourage Lake Oswego voters to join me. Bill has shown that he will work to keep the city moving forward, adapting to change while preserving Lake Oswego’s identity and values. For example, Bill supports funding for the Boones Ferry improvement plan — a plan that will boost the vitality of Lake Grove businesses and make the roadway safer, with positive impact on livability in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Bill has sought to balance the interests of our residents with the economic realities facing the city and has shown that he will continue to listen and evaluate new information — and speak up when a plan doesn’t make sense, as he did with the streetcar proposal. Bill has approached city governance as a leader, not just an automatic “no” or “yes” vote.

I trust Bill to be a reasonable voice and work with his fellow councilors to optimize benefits to our community and to manage the bottom line. Please join me in voting to reelect Bill Tierney to our city council.

Julia Glisson

Lake Oswego

Vote for pro-neighborhood candidates

I have paid attention to what the candidates for Lake Oswego mayor and council have said regarding protection of neighborhoods and an understanding of neighborhood concerns.

I find that Greg Macpherson, candidate for mayor, Bill Tierney, second-term candidate for council, Jon Gustafson, now on the planning commission, and Skip O’Neill, previously on the Lake Corporation Board and instrumental in the LOIS construction, new candidates for council, have the knowledge and drive to make Lake Oswego work efficiently while focusing on neighborhood protection and avoiding needless expenditures with cost-effective and well-managed completion of urgent tasks.

Foothills redevelopment, of high importance to adjacent neighborhoods such as ours, is a case in point. Lake Oswego needs the additional revenue to help pay for infrastructure projects and schools. But, as these candidates know, careful zoning to protect adjacent neighborhood values, aesthetics, parking and traffic flow are also critical. Vote for pro-neighborhood candidates!

Craig Stephens

Lake Oswego

Studebaker’s focus is on our city

I have been following with interest the mayoral race here in Lake Oswego. I, too, share the concerns of others that Macpherson has such significant financial support from Portland attorneys, Democratic politicians and PACs, and even from PGE’s Employee Candidate Assistance Fund. What interest do these outside sources have in determining who is elected mayor of Lake Oswego? More importantly, how long will it be before we all understand that the source of a candidate’s funding makes a difference in how he/she conducts business in office?

One can only guess what impact these political contributions to the Macpherson campaign will have on the direction of our city were he elected. Kent Studebaker has no other political ambitions beyond being mayor and his contributions come exclusively from Lake Oswego sources. I take comfort knowing that Kent Studebaker’s focus is only on our city, that he is a long-time resident, a Marine and look forward to casting my vote for him.

Raymond Cyphers

Lake Oswego

Make sure Williams prevails this time

Please vote for Dan Williams for city council. Dan came within 500 votes of winning a council seat in 2010, and this year we should make sure he prevails.

With a professional background in finance and business, Dan served with competency and integrity on the city’s budget advisory committee. He believes the city’s primary responsibility is to provide core services, and that city government should operate in a fiscally prudent and responsible manner that protects the quality of life, safety and economic vitality of all taxpayers. He will advocate for reasonable city policies, priorities and programs that are beneficial and fair to all citizens and will bring much-needed balance, honesty, judgment and perspective to the city council.

Dan will respect residential property owners and will advocate for reasonable and equitable protection of our natural resources. He believes the city should responsibly maintain and restore our existing parks and natural areas. Dan will not support high-density rezoning of our single-family neighborhoods and will fight to maintain our small-town character and our autonomy to make development and transportation decisions that benefit all Lake Oswegans.

Please help restore honest, principled decision-making to the city council. Vote for Dan Williams.

Mona Ellison

Lake Oswego

Measure 3-406 deserves a ‘no’ vote

The main street concept is vastly better than the proposed town center plan of Measure 3-406, which may serve thousands of people. The main street plan will slow traffic to preserve the small-town feel, historical features and informal pedestrian atmosphere. The improvements below represent the hopes of many citizens’ views (public workshop #1, Feb. 15, 2001).

1. Re-evaluate return to three vehicle traffic lanes with central left turn lane.

2. No center landscaped median.

3. New sidewalks, street trees, lighting, street furniture and landscaping.

4. On-street or street adjacent parking to access local businesses.

5. Bike lanes in both directions.

6. Two or more new signalized intersections and two new pedestrian crosswalks.

7. Implementation of the dedicated pedestrian route between Reese and Bryant roads to provide safe Boones Ferry Road pedestrian access to businesses. This pedestrian route was dedicated to the public by Oregon Iron and Steel Co. in 1915 for use as a pedestrian route. This would also provide a safe route for children going to school.

We must finish the work started and create a truly great and complete main street on Boones Ferry Road in Lake Grove.

Wilma McNulty

Lake Oswego

(McNulty served on the Lake Grove Village Center Advisory Committee.)

Vote for Gustafson for city council

John’s primary qualifications are three. One, he is a small-businessman, thus he understands the frustration of dealing with governmental bureaucrats. Two, he has a young child at Hallinan, thus he understands that Lake Oswego at its core, is a family community. Three, he is chairman of the planning commission. John has skillfully been able to balance different positions on the planning commission, control agitated audiences and lead the commission to reasonable solutions.

These are traits sorely missed in the current council.

I want it to be understood that I am not an advocate for “straight tickets” for anything. I believe that Lake Oswego has been generally very well run, but am also very sympathetic to those who call for prudent fiscal restrain.

City councils are the most basic form of democracy. Membership on a city council calls for thoughtfulness and pragmatism rather than rhetoric and dogma. I am looking for a balanced council. I have no interest in knowing the council’s decision before they consider an issue.

For those reasons, I urge you to vote for John Gustafson for city council, along with Skip O’Neill and Bill Tierney.

Steve Dodds

Lake Oswego

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