Over the past two months, a Citizen’s View has been submitted weekly in support of Measure 3-406 from those of us deeply involved in realizing the future of Lake Grove. Each week these articles have provided you with context and background information on our decade-long effort, as well as specifically describing the benefits and financial effects of voting “yes” on Measure 3-406.

Now comes the time for you to choose, the election date is near and ballots are arriving. Please take the time to read pages 3-59 and 3-60 of the voter’s pamphlet for Measure 3-406. When you do, you will find specific ballot measure details and only arguments in favor, no organized opposition.

For those of us supporting Measure 3-406, we find two primary reasons for no opposition: (i) the long-term, community-wide involvement in creating and adopting the Lake Grove Village Center Plan and (ii) the modest financial cost to you as a Lake Oswego property owner.

Community involvement — Over the past 13 years, a broad-based coalition of your neighbors, business owners, property owners, several different city councils, numerous city planning commissioners and city staff have worked together to put in place a vision for the future of the westside of our Lake Oswego community.

The Lake Village Center Plan represents the contribution of creativity, pragmatism, time, money and commitment from all involved to work together for the betterment of Lake Grove and Lake Oswego as a whole. We are vested and ask for your support of Measure 3-406 to continue this progress.

Measure 3-406 cost — In summary, financially, passage of this measure to improve Boones Ferry Road results in a cost of 6 cents per thousand or $18/yr for a $300,000 assessed value home. A very modest $1.50 per month.

All involved recognize the recovering economy and increased cost of living, particularly in Lake Oswego lately with increasing sewer and water rates. As supporters of Measure 3-406, we want you to know that there is a 2003 city general obligation bond that will be paid off in June 2013 with a current rate of $0.115 per thousand. With retirement of this 2003 bond, voting “yes” on Measure 3-406 still results in a net decrease on your property taxes.

Please join all of us in voting “yes” on Measure 3-406.

Ken Sandblast is a Lake Oswego resident.

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