Brew and grill are specialties of new Lake Oswego restaurant

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Stickmen Brewery & Skewery owners John Turner  and Tim Schonheit sit down for a pint. The arrival of seven new beer brewing tanks on Oct. 12 marked a new era for Stickmen Brewery & Skewery in Lake Oswego.

It means that owners John Turner and Tim Schonheit can really get down to business at their restaurant on State Street: homebrewed beer — and plenty of it — and skewers laden with meat and vegetables. Throw in a building with lots of atmosphere and a couple of TVs to watch sports, and you’ve got a great place to hang out. The new tanks were beautiful, but Turner and Schonheit eagerly anticipate them filled with beer.

“We’ll have a seven-barrel brew house,” Turner said. “Each batch will fill 14 kegs and we’ll have a lot of variety.”

The two brew brothers plan to offer traditional American and British beers, plus German and Belgian beer. There will also be nontraditional beers on hand, like chile, spice and fruit infused beer, as well as plenty of guest beers.

“We’ll have 12 of our beers on tap at all times,” said Schonheit, who grew up in Lake Oswego. “We’ll have barrel-aged beer, sour beers, IPA and pale ale.”

Turner and Schonheit opened the brewpub for an obvious reason — they really like beer. They also think Lake Oswego, especially State Street, needs a beer oasis.

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - Turner and Schonheit are eager to greet the delivery of seven huge beer tanks. “We’re beer fanatics,” Turner said. “We’ve had to drive to North Portland to find the kind of beer we like.”

“We’re bringing water to the desert,” Schonheit added.

The owners said the beer will pair well with the variety of skewers on the menu. The Japanese-style grill will use oak (real fuel, not gas) to heat up an excellent variety of freshly cooked skewers. A new executive chef was also hired. The chef will help the brewpub serve up Northwest culinary delights featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Stickmen has already hit the bullseye when it comes to meeting the desire for a new kind of restaurant in Lake Oswego. The restaurant opened in mid-July, but the opening weeks proved rugged as big crowds flocked to a new place that was not ready to handle so much business. The Stickmen ship is now sailing smoothly.

“We opened in the teeth of the summer and we had such a massive outdoor seating area and such a small kitchen,” Schonheit said. “It was very challenging with an all-new staff. It’s been a bit of a haul, but we’ve managed to improve our level of service.”

“We’ve broadened our menu quite a bit and we’ve seen huge improvements in flavor and quality,” Turner said. “People really like it. We’ve exceeded our sales projections.”

Happy hour specials are already under way and more excitement is soon to come. Stickmen plans to offer brunch on Saturdays and Sundays starting in November. Stickmen is located at 40 N. State St. in Lake Oswego. For more information, call 503 344-4449 or visit

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