10/15/12 6:17 a.m. A vehicle with a child and female spun out of control while entering northbound I-5 from Kruse Way. The vehicle was towed away from the berm and neither person was injured.


10/16/12 7:12 a.m. A work pack and keys were swiped from a Chevy Cavalier parked on Jefferson Parkway.

10/16/12 7:20 a.m. A Subaru Impreza on Third Street was robbed of a blue fleece, Garmin GPS, Samsung Cricket phone and a baseball cap.

10/16/12 5:34 p.m. A red Honda Civic was robbed of a purple iPod Nano 4G, black bowling ball, bag and toolbox containing $300 worth of tools. The crime happened near an apartment on Jefferson Parkway.

10/19/12 9:35 a.m. Lilly, a female short-haired tuxedo cat, is missing from its home on Bonita Road. It is feared a neighbor popped Lilly into a cat carrier and then skulked away.

10/19/12 1:19 p.m. An ID, Social Security card and Green Card were stolen from a residence on Centerpointe Drive.

10/21/12 10:42 a.m. Sunglasses and clothes with a total value of $350 were stolen in a car break-in on Jefferson Parkway.

10/21/12 10:47 a.m. A thief smashed out the passenger window of a Mazda Protégé and stole $600 worth of computer science books. The theft happened on Oswego Summit Drive.


10/15/12 5:49 a.m. Vehicles parked in a yellow zone across from the water treatment plant are causing a chronic problem for trucks trying to enter the plant.

10/15/12 9:29 a.m. An angry man has been tracking and yelling at a man, even following him through a complex on Foothills Drive. The man’s effort to talk about a problem was met with a total rebuff.

10/15/12 10:05 a.m. A 15-year-old autistic boy has gone out of control and is attacking family members.

10/15/12 1:44 p.m. A dog bit a woman’s son in an incident on 10th Street and D Avenue.

10/15/12 2:30 p.m. A suspicious man with Oregon Duck stickers on his car asked a woman to get in his car on Mercantile Drive.

10/15/12 7:17 p.m. A mother is seeking advice on how to deal with her obnoxious 13-year-old son.

10/15/12 9:32 p.m. Neighbors who stomp on floors just for the heck of it are disrupting the life of the person who lives below them on Burnham Road.

10/15/12 9:49 p.m. A woman is afraid that a man she has had a relationship will come back to harm her.

10/16/12 7:26 a.m. A coyote with a cat in its mouth was observed on Lower Drive.

10/16/12 8:38 a.m. Gutter cleaners showed up for work at a residence on North Shore Road, even though the homeowner never scheduled their service. The homeowner thinks this might be related to the threats he has received lately.

10/16/12 11:17 a.m. A dog foaming at the mouth is scaring people on Da Vinci.

10/16/12 11:20 a.m. A man walked into a posh building on Meadows Road, claiming he was the president of their company and needed some quick cash. He was wearing a gray T-shirt, blue jeans, carrying a backpack and smelled heavily of smoke. It is doubtful his claim is true.

10/16/12 6:03 p.m. Neighbors are allegedly roofing after hours on their house on Ridge Lake Drive.

10/16/12 7:01 p.m. A man walked into a woman’s office on Oswego Summit and said he wanted to kill her. He has also been harassing her via telephone.

10/16/12 9:50 p.m. A woman knocking on doors on Bryant Road was found to have escaped from a care home.

10/16/12 10:08 p.m. A hostile man in black is walking right down the middle of the road on Highway 43.

10/16/12 10:23 p.m. A young fellow covered in mud was going through trash bins on Kelok Road and South Shore Boulevard.

10/17/12 9:27 a.m. The suspect in the theft of some yard signs has been apprehended.

10/17/12 1:01 p.m. In a case of youth gone wild, 20 juveniles gathered at the fountain on Monroe Parkway and began taking off their clothes and throwing in dish soap.

10/17/12 2:03 p.m. A dog was rushed to the vet after being hit by a car on Cervantes and Jefferson Parkway.

10/17/12 2:15 p.m. A Roto-Rooter man showed up uninvited at a woman’s home. She thinks his appearance may be related to the recent death threats she has received.

10/18/12 2:18 a.m. A man who has been repeatedly calling and harassing a woman on Cervantes has been warned to not repeat his bad conduct.

10/18/12 10:21 a.m. Skateboarders are suspected of damaging a vehicle parked near Gubancs Restaurant on Boones Ferry Road. Loss was set at $200.

10/18/12 2:35 p.m. A woman with sores on her face and a wild look in her eye and carrying an infant was observed. It was suspected the woman is a “tweaker” (meth user), and the person reporting this is concerned about the baby’s welfare.

10/18/12 3:09 p.m. A girl in her mid teens beat up another girl and was referred to the juvenile department on suspicion of fourth-degree assault, harassment and second-degree disorderly conduct.

10/19/12 10:32 a.m. A strong ammonia smell suggests two new renters are engaging in drug activity.

10/19/12 8:03 p.m. A man claimed a driver in a gold Cadillac tried to run him over in the Gubancs parking lot on Boones Ferry. However, the driver said he did not know he hit anything.

10/19/12 8:55 p.m. A pedestrian and a driver engaged in combat at River West Church. Police are seeking to determine the primary aggressor.

10/20/12 10:59 a.m. Coyotes may be living in a vacant brown house on Lake Grove Avenue.

10/20/12 12:27 p.m. A 52-year-old man was cited and released for telephonic harassment and stalking.

10/21/12 1:10 p.m. An underaged girl is worried she might get in trouble for a party after a message about it was posted on Facebook.

10/21/12 7:48 p.m. A dalmatian named James Bond was found by a woman on Pfeifer Court.

10/21/12 9:41 p.m. A 15-year-old son is refusing to leave his mother’s bedroom.

10/22/12 10:45 a.m. A father is worried his daughter might be texting a predator.

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