The Milwaukie youth rolls his first 300 game

MILWAUKIE - Twenty-year-old Tyler Stickler of Milwaukie joined an elite group of bowlers on Aug. 8 when he rolled a 300 game.

The perfect game came on Stickler's third and final game while bowling with professionals in Milwaukie Bowl's no-tap pro-am tournament, where bowlers are awarded a strike if they knock down nine pins on their first ball.

All of Stickler's strikes in the third game were 10-pin strikes, where he cleared the lane, knocking down all 10 pins with his first ball.

'Tyler was the only bowler, professional or amateur, in the pro-am who bowled a natural 300,' said Corey Husted of Milwaukie Bowl.

Stickler says that 11 of his 12 strikes in the 300-game were solid one-three pocket hits, where the pins all fell at once.

'The 11th was kind of scary,' Stickler said. 'I went a little high and almost left a 4-pin.'

It was the first 300-game for Stickler, who has been bowling in leagues - beginning with bumper bowl - since he was 3 years of age.

'It's a big relief,' said Stickler, who bowls in leagues and competes in tournaments the year around. 'It's my first legitimate 300 in 17 years of trying to get one, and I finally did. I've had first nine [strikes] and first 10 [strikes] a lot of times, but I always messed up.'

Stickler says he's had three 290 games, where he's followed up a first-frame spare with 11 straight strikes.

A 229 average

in summer league

His lifetime best series is 777 (games of 289, 241, 247), which he rolled in Milwaukie Bowl's high school summer league this past summer. He carried a league-leading 229 average in that league.

During the past year he also carried a league-leading 217 average in Milwaukie Bowl's High Fives League, and a league-leading 185 average in Hillsboro's Four Seasons PBA Experience League.

'We bowl in the tougher [lane dressing] patterns that the professional bowlers use,' Stickler said of the Four Seasons league.

Besides his legitimate 300, Stickler on Aug. 8 also had no-tap games of 286 and 276 - for a no-tap series [with 6 pins of handicap] of 868 for the Milwaukie Bowl pro-am. His three professional partners - Jason Williams of Vashon Island, Wash., Shawn Daniels of Aloha and Donny Allen III of Vancouver - had a combined no-tap series of only 803, and Stickler finished second in the 49-bowler Adult Division of the no-tap tournament.

Paul Comeau of Vancouver won the division with no-tap games of 262, 254 and 251, and a 114 handicap, for an 881 handicapped series. Comeau's pros shot 830.

Stickler says he's won a number of tournaments, the biggest an Oregon Junior Bowling Classic Tournament Association competition, held in Longview in November.

Stickler says he's been consistently bowling the best he's ever bowled over the past year.

It's bowling


He explains his success: 'I've been practicing a lot and bowling in a lot more tournaments [around 30 over the past 12 months].'

Still, Stickler says he has no plans of trying to make a living at his favorite sport.

'My main goal is to go to a lot of local tournaments and have fun,' said Stickler. 'I'd love to go super pro and go on TV, but I don't think that will happen.'

Stickler this summer has been working as a lane attendant at Big Al's in Beaverton, a relatively new business that features bowling, an arcade and a sports bar.

He holds an associate degree from Clackamas Community College, and this month he begins studies in business administration at the University of Oregon.

'I want to work for Nike, or open my own business….,' Stickler says. 'If I open my own business, it will be something related to sports. I love watching basketball and football.'

And, of course, Stickler says he plans to bowl for Oregon's club bowling team.

Local bowlers

excel in pro-am

Stickler wasn't the only local bowler to fare well at the 2011 Dave Husted Pro-Am.

Led by Molly Camosso, Milwaukie Bowl had eight of the top nine placers in the 51-bowler Junior Division. Camosso had no-tap scores of 154, 239 and 206, and she finished runner-up to Beaverton' Conner Jackley, who blistered the pins with no-tap scores of 260, 300 and 276.

Will Myers of Milwaukie Bowl (no-tap scores of 236, 196 and 243) finished runner-up to Pete Jarvis of Tillamook (214, 256, 288) in the 79-bowler Senior Division.

Bob Cozzie of Milwaukie Bowl placed sixth in the 96-bowler Super Senior Division, where he rolled no-tap games of 212, 205 and 255. Bill Cooks of Beaverton (290, 242, 262) won the division.

Erik Hohlbein of Renton, Wash. defeated Bob Davidson of Seattle for top honors in the Dave Husted Regional professional tournament and took home $2,000 in prize money. Hohlbein's total pinfall (with bonus pins) was 4,859 for 24 games (12 games in the preliminaries and 12 games in the finals).

Milwaukie Bowls' Corey Husted and Dave Husted failed to make the 13-bowler finals, placing 16th and 19th respectively in the field.

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