Re: "Man robs Milwaukie branch of U.S. Bank," great work, Clackamas county law enforcement!


Re: "Sparring continues between Milwaukie, police union," you have to be kidding me. They want to leave the city for coffee and all gather together for dinner. Are they scared to eat alone? How about one at a time and bring some coffee and make it at the station?

Sounds like a bunch of spoiled little babies and, based on the article, Sarge Foreman is the biggest whiner. You really sound pathetic.

I just moved to Milwaukie. It sounds like the chief is on track but more of a babysitter. Should he really have to worry that his cops are staying in the city like they are supposed to? Don't you have written rules about these things?

Maybe Sarge Foreman should go work for the state patrol and he can eat in a different city every night! Grow up, Milwaukie PD, although I am sure not all of you are like this. At least, I hope not! Grow up and do what you are paid to do!

"no name"

Re: "Freeing up space on Main Street," great news! Now Milwaukie, the ball is in your court, waive some fees, and streamline the permit process, and make it happen!

Thanks to Dark Horse for being a willing and helpful partner in making the downtown a better place for all!


Re: "Cycling for a cause," for those who would like to know more about the Orphanage Project in Liberia and perhaps contribute, you can check out the Clackamas County Peace Officer's Benevolent Foundation at or Orphan Relief and Rescue.

"John Van Huizen"

Re: "Freeing up space on Main Street," if Dark Horse Comics really wants to help Milwaukie free up space for their downtown shopping area, they should just move out of Milwaukie. That way, the city can see what a great idea they have when they want government to get involved with private business for their agenda.

"Way to go, Milwaukie!"

Re: "Milwaukie Council to developer: 'Show us the money,'" all this will do is create another plastic, disgusting national corporate chain ghetto, increase traffic, suck more money away from the area and increase the tax burden on locals.

As with all other projects of this nature, it will do nothing to make locals more prosperous. But politicians will support it because it will help them get more personal benefit.

More economic activity in an already overpopulated, overconsumed and overbuilt area does not equal better economic activity.

"no name"

Re: "Landmark shuts doors following business owner bankruptcy," I'm sad to see Weatherford's go. There are so very few places to eat good food in Oregon City, and now there is one fewer.

Blame definitely falls on the people of Oregon City, most of whom would go to Wendy's before getting a burger at a place like Weatherford's.

I also have to blame the city for a profound lack of imagination and motivation to make downtown Oregon City a place people actually want to visit and stay.


Re: "Fight looms on Clackamas County's urban renewal fund measure," it's pretty simple. Either you are for urban renewal, or you are for strip joints, prostitutes, medical marijuana "clinics," used car lots, dive bars and ghost malls. You like things as they are, or you're willing to roll the dice and see if something better comes up.

The private sector isn't going to change our town. Only we can change it. Once urban renewal money starts flowing, the private sector will jump on in! So, hey, if you like easy access to drugs, alcohol and hookers, great! Vote against urban renewal!


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