Ryan Byrd leads Lions at Rood Bridge

St. Helens performs well in hot weather on hilly course

Despite hot weather and a hilly course, the St. Helens Lions turned in a good performance at the Bill Chapman Invitational at Rood Bridge in Hillsboro on Friday.

The Lions Ryan Byrd returned to form and was second overall individually, while the Lions finished third as a team. Byrd was out of training most of last spring, but did manage to do fairly well at the district track meet. He was second overall in the distict cross country meet last fall.

'It was really hot, about 90 degrees and it was a very hilly course,' St. Helens coach Gerry Tinkle said. 'We probably ran a minute slower than we would have on a flat course on a cool day. Everything considered, the gaps were not as big as I thought they'd be.'

Tinkle was also buoyed by the performance of his girls' team.

'I'm really pleased. The girls team is so much better than last year. They acted like a team and they are just starting to get what it takes to be good. We should see some huge improvement over the next few weeks,' he said.

The Lions compete at the Northwest Oregon Conference Preview meet at Blue Lake Park this Wednesday. The meet gives league teams a chance to see where the others are on the same course as the district meet.

The team is at the Nike Pre-Nationals at Portland Meadows on Saturday, Sept. 24.

St. Helens results:


Team scores: Lincoln 56, Jesuit 60, St. Helens 86, Southridge 97, Glencoe 136, Kelso 188, Silverton 198, Mt. View (Wash.) 198, Century 227, Hillsboro 256, Liberty inc., Seaside inc.

Varsity: 2) Ryan Byrd, 16:27; 15) Alex Lull, 18:05; 16) Micah Pletsch, 18:08; 22) Will Lawrence, 18:27; 31) David Sumsion, 18:49; 44) Brandon Underwood, 19:35; 47) Bryan Strang, 19:46.

Jayvees: 5) Nathan Reed, 19:26; 9) Thomas Ball, 19:48; 43) Fuller Worman, 21:44; 50 Michael Jauron, 22:06; 54) Logan Fox, 22:12; 55) Jodan Pletsch, 22:13; 65) Michael Dorry, 22:23; 94) Tanne Matlock, 23:25; 103) Eliazar Lopez, 23:48.


Team scores: Lincoln 35, Jesuit 61, Southridge 85, Kelso 96, Silverton 170, Mt. View 185, St. Helens 196, Hillsboro 202, Century 221, Glencoe 268, Liberty inc., Seaside inc.

Varsity: 25) Michaela Munger, 23:39; 30) Cynthia Fenrich, 23:52; 60) Alyna Habel, 26:00; 63) Megan Waite, 26:02; 64) Taylor Steeves, 26:03; 98) Megan Barnes, 28:07.

Jayvees: Lauren Chambers, 29:11; 119) Johanna Parkhurst, 29:26.