Public can find out how to help much-needed program

Meals On Wheels in Lake Oswego has excellent public support, but some better ideas on funding are needed to keep the program going at a high level. by:   - RAY GRUBBS

A seminar offered by financial consultant Ray Grubbs and elder law attorney Tom Pixton will give some answers. It is scheduled on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center

"There are different ways to donate," said Grubbs. "Experts can help people do it."

First of all, MOW needs more money. Several fundraising projects have worked extremely well, including the cinnamon roll program and the fundraiser held at New Seasons throughout the month of October. But more bucks are needed because the need for home meal delivery is growing rapidly.

"The money raised is far short of the needs," Grubbs said. "More and more people are signing up who don't have the money to pay for meals."

"I have several clients for which Meals on Wheels is an absolute lifesaver," said Nancy Raske, long-time member of the Lake Oswego Meals Network. "Some of them have Parkinson's Disease and they're too exhausted to prepare a meal."

The bad news is that there is a shortfall of $55,000 for MOW.

"People have no idea there is such a need," Grubbs said. "They are literally shocked."

The good news is that there are some excellent financial plans that can help, which Grubbs and Pixton will show on Wednesday. They will discuss such ways as a charitable remainder trust (the opposite of a lead trust), private family foundations and donor advised funds.

"We want to reach out and make people aware of these things," Grubbs said. "The year is coming to an end and it's time to think about charitable giving."

"You're never too young to start a charitable program," Raske said.

Grubbs has had a close experience with Meals On Wheels for many years, which has inspired his commitment to the program.

"My wife Brenda and I delivered meals for the first time on Christmas 15 years ago," Grubbs said. "She has been on the meals board now for 14 years."

Admission to the seminar is free of charge. To make a reservation call 503-635-3758.

The Lake Oswego Adult Community Center is located at 505 G Ave.

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