Remembering John Gray and his legacy

In remembering John Gray’s important legacy to Oregon, one contribution that I am grateful for goes back to his very early years in Lake Oswego.

John and Betty Gray were among the founders of Oswego Playschool back in 1953 — motivated in part to develop a resource for their own five young children. The Grays donated the land and built the building where the school continues to flourish. Their influence went well beyond the contribution of land and building materials that include a commitment to the school’s founding principles grounded in developmentally appropriate early childhood education practices. There was a reason it was named a playschool and not a preschool.

In 1993, the school organized a 40-year reunion and invited the founders, past students, parents and teachers to celebrate our beloved school. I remember John walking through the school a little like a building inspector. Betty told me later that he was very pleased with how well the school had been maintained and they decided to make an additional contribution toward a hoped for expansion and new roof.

Oswego Playschool has launched hundreds of students and parents on the right path to nurture their children’s education ... we have John and Betty Gray to thank.

Sue Marshall

Lake Grove

All dogs out in public need to be on leashes

I would like to respond to the article written about the officer who corrected the person for having their dogs off leash.

I, too, have lived in Lake Oswego for many years and currently have two dogs, Bailey, 12, and Cally, 7 months. I have always trained my dogs and continue to work with the puppy in training and classes every day.

The first thing any good dog training class tells you is to always keep your dog on leash, as you never know what may happen. A dog running free may not always be in the owner’s line of sight or be able to hear a command over a loud noise.

It is so aggravating to run into people who do not leash their dog and they either run up and jump on you, or upset your dogs that are on a leash by running up to greet them. Dogs are animals that react differently to their surroundings, people and especially other dogs. I can’t tell you how many times people who don’t leash their dogs always respond by telling me that their dogs are trained and don’t need a leash, however, their dogs rushing to sniff my dogs sets things into turmoil, especially a brand new puppy or small child.

People may have highly trained dogs that come to them when they call out to them to heal, but those of us on the other end of the sidewalk don’t know that. As far as I am concerned, the leash law should be changed that “all dogs in public lands need to be on a leash and require every owner to clean up after their dogs.”

Bonnie Freistone


We were pleased with how KLOG candidates ran

The nonpartisan political action committee Keep Lake Oswego Great worked hard to elect candidates that would bring a civil approach to governing in Lake Oswego. Although it will be printed after Nov. 6, we are submitting this opinion piece before the election and don’t yet know who will win. With that perspective, lacking the knowledge that could lead to gloating, bewailing, anger, happiness, relief, or even a sense of completion, we offer these thoughts about the election:

We supported a bipartisan slate of candidates: Greg Macpherson for mayor, and Bill Tierney, Skip O’Neill and Jon Gustafson for council. We are proud of the respectful races that they ran. We believe that every one of them worked to bring the community together and expressed positive messages. For those who win, their actions set a good example that we expect to be continued.

We believe in a positive vision for Lake Oswego. Even though Lake Oswego is great the way it is, we believe it needs to continue to develop and grow. We have come a long way in the last decades, and created public places that are beloved. We believe that we can and should continue to move forward. We want to attract new young families and advance our tradition of vibrancy and creativity. We believe that we can do this in a fiscally prudent manner.

Our candidates were, for the most part, favored by local institutions. The Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce endorsed the same individuals as did Keep Lake Oswego Great. Three of our candidates (Greg Macpherson, Bill Tierney and Jon Gustafson) received the Lake Oswego Review’s endorsement, and The Oregonian, which only endorsed in the mayor’s race, chose Greg Macpherson. We believe that our candidates and their balanced approach appeal to those who study the issues closely.

As Keep Lake Oswego Great we have worked to bring facts to the election. We have worked to provide truthful information (rather than hyperbole) about key issues that face our city. Our information can be found on our website:

We will be working hard to support what is best for our city as we go forward. We were impressed, during this election, that all the candidates were sincere in their love of the city. We also heard many candidates talk about respect, collaboration and civility. We believe strongly in the exchange of ideas, and believe that if people work with good intent, diversity of opinion does not need to bring divisiveness.

We wish the best to our elected local officials, and to our home, Lake Oswego!

Karen S. Jacobson

Keep Lake Oswego Great PAC

Lake Oswego

LOT process has no respect for citizens

I have taken the position from the very beginning of this process commenced by Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership that the government in whatever shape or form has no respect for the citizens of West Linn, nor does the city of Lake Oswego as evidenced by its lawsuit against the property owners in West Linn, with no regard for alternatives, expect to take the heavy-handed position only available to governments.

The video or other forms of communication will not persuade me to the contrary, but will only serve to reinforce my position that the treatment of a neighborhood attempting to protect a residential property from an industrial use by the West Linn Planning Commission and staff is pathetic, insulting, humiliating and embarrassing.

Prove to me that this so-called video is nothing other than what I have said from the outset of this fiasco.

Chuck Landskroner

West Linn

A salute to veterans everywhere

The Flag at Half Staff

Lost in the mysteries of grief

the funeral ritual

puzzles the child.

A child who walks in

the light of innocence

now watches those who survive

the darkness of the dead.

The flag flutters at half staff in morning chill

while numbers keep climbing

and you wonder what

is the meaning of peace

and promises.

As Taps slowly wail

And leaves fall.

Sylvia Malagamba

Lake Oswego

Reader recommends Singha Thai restaurant

This letter is my hearty endorsement for Singha Thai Restaurant, located at 15902 SW Boones Ferry Road, Lake Oswego. I have not seen the restaurant featured in the Lake Oswego Review, and I encourage you to check out its wonderful, authentic Thai food.

Our family and many of our friends have enjoyed Singha Thai cuisine for the 15 years that it has been located in Lake Oswego. Sumalee Jermsak, who was born in Bangkok, Thailand, founded the restaurant with her brother in 1997, after having a successful Thai restaurant for five years in Beaverton. Both Sumalee and her brother are excellent chefs, and the quality of food and service is superb.

We also enjoy the two recently redecorated dining rooms that reflect Thai culture and art, the ease of parking in the front lot and the outdoor seating area for Oregon’s summer weather. This is always an enjoyable place for folks to gather for lunch or for dinner, and the takeout option is also very popular.

Singha Thai offers a wide variety of Thai dishes and the specials for the day are always enticing.

Hours are Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 5 to 9 p.m., Fridays 5 to 9:30 p.m., Saturdays noon to 9:30 p.m. and Sundays noon to 9 p.m.

We hope you will include Singha Thai on your list of restaurants to visit in the near future.

Jean M. Ward


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