10/29/12 11:15 a.m. The lock of the door on a construction site was cut off, and items stolen were a microwave, two Kohler bathroom sinks and a Mirabelle toilet. Value was set at $750.

10/29/12 1:18 p.m. A purse with $700 in valuables was taken in a burglary on Touchstone Drive. The thief entered the residence through an unlocked back door.

11/3/12 1:42 p.m. Antiques valued at $10,000 were stolen from a location on Chapin Way over the last one or two weeks. The burglar gained entry through an unlocked door.


10/30/12 4:15 p.m. $1,000 in damage was done to a Lexus parked on Chandler Road.

10/31/12 7:52 p.m. A 16-year-old girl was injured in a traffic accident on Glenmorrie Lane and Glenwood Court.


10/29/12 8:38 a.m. A campus security vehicle at Clackamas Community College was taken overnight. It had “Patrol Vehicle” written on the side, has red and blue lights, a siren and a VHS police radio.

10/30/12 9:57 a.m. A black Apple iPhone valued at $300 was taken from a Lincoln Navigator on Tamarack Lane.

10/30/12 11:07 a.m. A dad tried to chase down his son on foot after the boy took his car without permission.

10/30/12 12:31 p.m. An iPhone worth $300 was stolen at Peet’s Coffee.

10/30/12 1:35 p.m. A political sign worth $5 was stolen from a yard on Bayberry Road.

10/30/12 10:05 p.m. A bicycle was stolen from the 400 block of A Avenue.

10/31/12 2:30 a.m. A teen carrying a backpack and wearing a hoodie is the prime suspect in a car theft on Kilkenny Drive.

10/31/12 6:41 a.m. Two Leatherman pocket knives worth $100 were stolen from a vehicle on Hemlock Street.

10/31/12 6:49 a.m. School books worth $40 were stolen from a car on Bickner Street.

10/31/12 7:05 a.m. A CD valued at $20 was taken from a car on Bickner Street.

10/31/12 7:33 a.m. A box of golf balls worth $20 was taken from a vehicle on Lee Street.

10/31/12 7:34 a.m. A backpack with three Game Boys was heisted from a Honda Odyssey on Hallinan Street.

10/31/12 7:57 a.m. A thief scooped up $1 in change from a vehicle on Pine Street.

10/31/12 7:58 a.m. In another low-yield car break-in, 25 pennies were stolen from a car on Hallinan Circle.

10/31/12 8:08 a.m. An iPhone that had just been delivered by FedEx at a doorstep on Lakeview Boulevard was stolen. It was worth $200.

10/31/12 8:14 a.m. A black Nothface fleece jacket worth $70 was stolen from a car on Laurel Street.

10/31/12 8:16 a.m. A garage door opener worth $35 was stolen from a car on Hallinan Circle.

10/31/12 8:32 a.m. Two $20 bills and two gift cards worth $50 were stolen from a GMC Yukon on Hallinan Circle.

10/31/12 9:46 a.m. A fanny pack with hunting supplies was swiped from a vehicle on Laurel Street.

10/31/12 9:50 a.m. A Chevy Impala on Laurel Street had a $200 Bluetooth Handsfree stolen.

10/31/12 9:56 a.m. A Garmin GPS and iPhone charger worth $170 were stolen from a Subaru Outback on Lee Street.

10/31/12 10:30 a.m. A black backpack was stolen from a car on Lee Street.

10/31/12 3:13 p.m. Registrations and insurance cards were stolen from a Mazda on Laurel Street.

10/31/12 4:39 p.m. Hemlock Street was the scene of a car break-in resulting in the theft of a voters pamphlet, insurance and registration.

10/31/12 4:52 p.m. A $17 pair of sunglasses was taken from an unlocked car on Laurel Street.

10/31/12 6:02 p.m. In another theft from an unlocked vehicle, a $300 Garmin was taken from a car on Hallinan Street.

11/1/12 7:08 a.m. A Bluetooth valued at $70 was stolen from a Ford Taurus on Ash Street.

11/1/12 8:33 a.m. An iPod worth $150 and $25 in cash were taken from an unlocked vehicle on Cherry Crest Drive.

11/1/12 8:53 a.m. A house on Lowenberg Terrace was robbed of umbrellas, shoes and Halloween decor with a total value of $600 over the past three nights. A video has been taken of a young male wearing a white hood coming up to the house.

11/1/12 10:30 a.m. Gucci sunglasses and an iPod were taken from an unlocked vehicle on Patton Street.

11/2/12 2:52 p.m. Necklaces and earrings valued from $300 to $500 were stolen from Accessories From the Heart on A Avenue.

11/2/12 3:03 p.m. An Amazon Kindle tablet worth $120 was taken from an unlocked car on Hemlock Street.

11/2/12 4:36 p.m. A self-powering flashlight worth $15 was taken from an unlocked car on Meadows Drive.

11/3/12 11:31 a.m. Someone got hold of the routing numbers for a woman’s checking account and now four checks worth $400 are missing.

11/4/12 3:22 p.m. When a husband discovered that his storage unit had been cleaned out, he suspected that it was his wife who did it.


10/29/12 6:18 a.m. A contractor was warned about being so noisy early in the morning on Boones Ferry Road.

10/29/12 9:09 a.m. A graffiti goon left $50 in damage on three buildings at River Grove Elementary School over the weekend.

10/29/12 10:17 a.m. A black rabbit, possibly a pet, was seen hopping near the Hunt Club.

10/29/12 12:07 p.m. Other drivers were worried when a woman driver seemed to be be falling asleep as she went down Kruse Oaks Drive.

10/29/12 2:05 p.m. The accomplice in a forged prescription has returned to Safeway pharmacy on A Avenue.

10/29/12 3:18 p.m. Chronic parking problems are occurring in an alley on Second Street.

10/29/12 6:13 p.m. A 15-year-old son wacked out on drugs is being violent and stealing property.

10/30/12 6:14 p.m. A runaway 16-year-old girl is being sought by police.

10/30/12 7:48 p.m. A combative man was determined not to be suicidal. His daughter arrived to take him to the hospital.

10/31/12 10:20 a.m. A daughter’s change in behavior has her parents worried.

10/31/12 11:08 a.m. A man yelled at a woman through the door of her apartment on Mt. Jefferson Terrace. Police were unable to locate the pest.

10/31/12 2:54 p.m. A police officer broke up a nasty argument between two drivers who were riding bumpers and swearing on Carman Drive and Fosberg Road.

10/31/12 6:58 p.m. A large, nondescript-looking man has been stalking a woman.

10/31/12 10:49 p.m. A father is seeking help for a son who suffers from mental illness and high agitation.

11/1/12 1:15 a.m. Cars going down Kenny Street are being bombarded with pumpkins by kids in a White Explorer.

11/1/12 1:31 a.m. An enormous rock thrown through a window caused $500 in damage at a school on Jean Road.

11/1/12 8:01 a.m. A smashed window resulted in $100 damage at River Grove Elementary School.

11/1/12 2:16 p.m. McCormack Manufacturing on Lakeview Boulevard requested extra patrols because the company planned to lay off about 30 employees at 3 p.m. on Nov. 12.

11/1/12 4:56 p.m. A coyote’s confusing behavior caused a woman on Morningview Circle to not know if it was dead or alive; first lying still, then getting up when she opened the door, then laying back down. Later, the coyote vanished.

11/1/12 5:48 p.m. A man in a black cowboy hat is walking in circles, swearing and bothering customers at Safeway on A Avenue.

11/1/12 9:41 p.m. A woman on Foothills Drive suspects her neighbor of damaging her flowerpots.

11/2/12 5:04 a.m. In a case of Halloween week mischief, several teenaged boys threw decorations at a house on Hartford Place.

11/2/12 5:09 a.m. A woman who had been in an altercation sought police to have them on her side before the other party had a chance to say anything.

11/2/12 6:28 a.m. A dazed man tried to get into the wrong apartment on Mt. Jefferson Terrace after falling down.

11/2/12 12:47 p.m. A woman nearly tripped over a large terracotta plant that she believes had been deliberately placed there by a nasty neighbor on Foothills Drive.

11/2/12 5:02 p.m. A young woman swinging a baseball bat was repeatedly cutting off a driver on Interstate 5 and Kruse Way.

11/2/12 5:14 p.m. A chain-smoking neighbor who leaves his butts around on the ground is causing consternation on South Shore Boulevard.

11/2/12 6:20 p.m. A young man with lots of metal rings and studs on his face is tapping shoppers at Rite Aid to give him bus money.

11/3/12 10:02 a.m. After harassing a woman on the telephone, a man is now threatening to kill her.

11/3/12 12:57 p.m. A hysterical woman at The Ridge At Mountain Park was rushed off to OHSU.

11/3/12 2:24 p.m. When a driver advised a man in a landscaping truck to slow down on Twin Fir Road, the man’s response was an obscene gesture. Unfortunately for the flipper, his company’s phone number was painted on the truck, and later the complainant called the number and talked to him. Police action may soon follow.

11/3/12 10:25 p.m. While parents were away, two teens threw a party at which alcohol was served. They were later cited and released for MIP.

11/4/12 10:55 a.m. A property manager told a mother that her son’s life was worth less than her possessions.

11/4/12 3:26 p.m. A resident of Albert Circle is discovering condoms littering his yard on Friday and Saturday nights.

11/4/12 7:12 p.m. A woman is seeking to find the owner of a mysterious pair of slippers she found in her house.


11/4/12 3:12 p.m. Multiple credit cards were opened in a woman’s name.

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