Helen Oredson Mahle is a member of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

Fall is the time of year when I need a little pep talk. I like it best when inside/outside temperatures don’t vary. Then I can step outside, breath the warm air and say, “thank you for summer!”

Soon enough I will have to adjust to closing the doors to conserve heat. I will take walks in the drizzling rain and observe the changing woods at Springbrook Park. Phoning my far away friends will help me to reconnect and lift my spirits.

I am grateful that I live in Oregon. However, when fall approaches I am reminded of what the change of seasons meant in Minnesota where I grew up.

Winters were severely cold and school buses had not been thought of. Everybody walked. When the winter weather came I shuffled through the snow one mile to the grade school, then two miles to the junior high or one and a half miles to the high school. Girls wore skirts instead of slacks. Between the skirt and the high top overshoes there was an inlet of freezing cold air.

Fur mittens helped a lot to prevent finger frost bite. Then came the prolonged spring and we rejoiced when we could spot some dry sidewalk. Discarding the long underwear by Easter had a depluming affect. Having lived through it, I am especially aware of how easy we have it in Oregon.

Fall activities here include walking safely almost anytime we choose. The fresh clean air invigorates us. Landscapes are washed clean in preparation for the start of a new season. The classes and activities at the Lake Oswego Adult Center inspire us.

The Millennium Dance Band event last Oct. 12 was a great success. As we walked in the door the “Moon River” melody put us in the dancing mood. The band consisted of 18 professional musicians who were right on the beat with their harmonious tunes. Couples got out on the dance floor and demonstrated their original versions of the swing.

Understandably they were not as challenged or capable as participants in “Dancing with the Stars” but, imagination prevailed, inhibitions were abandoned; nobody fell down! They were in a safe place where they could neglect their somber responsibilities of being a doctor, dentist, lawyer, filling station attendant or whatever.

Not everyone danced the swing. Some couples demonstrated their own flamboyant style that had no name. Women or men who wanted to dance asked for a partner. It was an exemplary gathering of senior citizens. I might admit that although I was highly entertained, I was only an envious observer.

Before another dance, I aspire to develop my own version of the swing. It was fun for all and a great way to start the fall season. Keep moving and happy fall everyone!

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