A Washington County judge has denied bail for a Metzger man accused of killing his infant son.

Kaliq Michael Mansor, 33, was arrested in June for the murder of his 11-week-old twin son Bryan. On Tuesday, Circuit Court Judge Donald Letourneau said that Mansor should remain behind bars until his trial.

Mansor faces a total of 10 charges: two counts of murder by abuse; one count of murder in the course of committing first-degree assault of a child younger than 14; one count of first-degree assault; one count of third-degree assault and one count of first-degree criminal mistreatment.

Mansor also faces assault and mistreatment charges for allegedly abusing his other infant son.

Also on Tuesday, prosecutors offered their first exhibit, which included police reports, medical records, autopsy photos and a 20-page police affidavit.

According to prosecutors, the autopsy photos depicted massive retinal hemorrhaging in both the child's eyes, and a two- to three-inch fracture in the boy's skull.

According to police records, Mansor told police that he shook the baby and hit him after he began to cough during a feeding.

Mansor called police on June 12 saying that his infant son was not breathing. Mansor told police that he was feeding the boy a mixture of baby formula and brown-colored liquid vitamins when the baby started to cough and expel a brown liquid from his nose.

Mansor told police that he tried to help his son by turning him over, shaking him and smacking him on the back.

The baby's breathing became labored, and Mansor told police he went online to research how to solve the issue.

After about 15 minutes, the boy's condition had not improved and Mansor called 911.

Mansor's wife was not home at the time of the incident.

The baby was taken to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Beaverton where hospital staff called sheriff's detectives to investigate the child's injuries.

Police were told the baby was brain dead by the time he arrived at the hospital.

The baby was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome and doctors said his injuries appeared to be the result of intentionally inflicted abuse.

In addition to the fractured skull and retinal hemorrhages, doctors said the baby had an older rib fracture.

The baby died the next day.

Mansor has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He will return to court in October to schedule a date for his trial.

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