Airport growth plan is key to Scappooses economic future


Given all the recent talk about the UGB expansion around the airport - Ballot Measure 5-216 - I wanted to emphasize that this proposal has been a long time coming.

I first became acquainted with the subject when I became involved in city government starting in the early 1990s, and I've continued to devote time to it during my time on the City Council.

From the start, the city, the Port of St. Helens and county have all known that the airport needed to be the core of Scappoose's economic future. That's why so many of us fought the 'gravel wars' to protect this land for economic development and to provide broad benefits for the entire community rather than for than just a few.

Over time the city, port and county have not always agreed on the best way forward. Now, however, we have come together and see the same light at the end of the tunnel - one that can help Scappoose become more economically self-sufficient, which is the key to our prosperous future. That's why I'm encouraging Scappoose citizens to vote YES on Measure 5-216.

- Judie Ingham, City Council member, Scappoose