For Wagners, community self-sufficiency at heart of airport vision


My late husband, Stan Wagner, loved Scappoose.

He admired the sense of community and worried that Scappoose might become just another Portland suburb. Or, worse yet, that incompatible uses might irreparably damage Scappoose's opportunity to 'grow' businesses and jobs right in Columbia County.

Stan always believed that our property and other properties near the Scappoose airport would someday provide a location for the industrial and manufacturing jobs the community would need to support the families and services families would require to keep Scappoose an independent and livable place.

Over the years, we had many opportunities to sell our land to those who wanted to mine the gravel or to build more houses. Many of those offers involved substantial amounts of money. Stan always said 'no thank you.'

Stan's dream for the future of Scappoose was to have the best opportunities for people to live in a community where they could raise their families and have local jobs to support those families. Stan would be so happy to see that the promise of his dream for a self-sufficient Scappoose might soon come true.

I know how pleased Stan would be if the economic future of Scappoose finally includes the land he worked so hard to preserve. I hope the citizens of Scappoose will follow Stan's lead and protect the property near the airport from gravel mining and more housing subdivisions by supporting measure 5-216, the city's urban growth boundary proposal.

- Florence Wagner, Scappoose