I urge you to vote no on 5-216. If we want job creation, develop the 150 acres of vacant industrial land that is already in the city limits by the airport. Expand the urban growth boundary to other areas of Scappoose - jobs can be created in other locations besides the airport.

We need balanced development. Remove the proposed overlay zones since they would rezone the current industrial lands to allow mixed-use retail and commercial zones, which is a set up for immediate failure. If this measure is passed no additional lands could be brought into the urban growth boundary until the proposed 378 acres are developed. Don't force vital development to be put on hold for 20 or more years. Don't lose new businesses because they don't want to be located near the airport.

Let's talk about the location argument. The city states development cannot occur southeast of the current city limits because of soil class (Class II soils) but the proposal includes 40 acres of the same soil class near the airport. Why? The remaining 300-plus acres in the proposal are also considered valuable farmland by the National Resources Conservation Service

Allow development on highway frontage land south of Havlik Road crossing where the city has been growing the last 20 years and where the conflicts with farming exist. Use this crossing to its capacity. Remember: it cost us, the taxpayers, nearly $5 million dollars. Retail and commercial businesses need to be located near the highway for accessibility and visibility.

This UGB expansion plan from the beginning, which started with the Economic Opportunity Analysis, was specifically written to only fit the needs of a few instead of a community. The plan before you could have looked a lot different if either the consultants had different objectives or you hired different consultants.

- Marie Gadotti, Scappoose

(Editor's note: Marie Gadotti owns agricultural-zoned land south of Havlik Drive. She had earlier requested to be included in the proposed UGB expansion plan.)

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