A yes vote is needed to dissolve the health district tax


We received our mail-in ballots last week and every day since that time I have received several phone calls and emails asking how people should vote on Measure 5-217, the measure to dissolve the Columbia Health District.

To put is as simply as possible: if you voted yes on 5-209 last November to stop the 38 cent tax to build a hospital, you will want to vote yes on 5-217. This is the final step in dissolving the special district which was created to build a hospital.

All the money collected from your taxes is gone. Public health has been transferred to a private nonprofit and any remaining money has gone with them to support public health.

I know this is not how you intended your taxes to be used but that is what happened - and it happened before the new board took office.

No matter how the convoluted message reads on the ballot, you, the voters, are responsible for getting this tax stopped. You did not ask for a reduction of the tax, you asked that it be repealed.

I am sorry you will not get a refund, but the former directors of CHD made certain that would not happen. With your overwhelming vote for 5-209 in November and your overwhelming election of five new board members in May, I believe you will be the first voters in Oregon to dissolve a special district.

You should be proud of yourselves.

Remember: Never again vote for a special district, and vote yes on 5-217.

- Nancy Whitney, St. Helens