CrossFit personal trainers move home business into Sandy storefront

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - POST PHOTO: JIM HART Lyndi Boyce prepares to lift 85 pounds as part of her workout before meeting her next class for an intensive session of PaleoFitBox. Boyce and her husband, Ben, have brought their personal training business from their garage in Gresham to a storefront in Sandy.For the two personal trainers and coaches, the road has been long and the work hard, but they believe they have the answer to what they call functional fitness.

Lyndi and Ben Boyce are owners of the CrossFit affiliate physical fitness business in Sandy they call PaleoFitBox.

The Boyces are training people into all or part of the lifestyle they have been practicing for several years.

The couple started changing their lives about five years ago, when Ben started following the CrossFit programs. He soon decided to change his eating habits to what is called Paleolithic, which mimics the diet of early cavemen. Early man didn’t eat such things as processed food, soy, dairy products, added sugar or grains.

Lyndi says the wheat produced by the large farms in the flat country of the Midwest has been genetically altered and not only has lost its food value but also causes inflammation in the body. Lyndi says any amount of inflammation in the body inhibits fitness progression.

She also says, based on her personal experience, that a Paleolithic diet reduces a body’s allergic reactions.

CrossFit, Lyndi says, involves a lot of high-intensity workouts, which are designed to develop the muscles used every day — thus, functional fitness.

“Everything we do applies to what you do in everyday life,” she said, “such as lifting boxes, picking up your children or lifting something to put it on a high shelf. That’s why we call it functional fitness.”

By high intensity, she means the workouts are timed, and her clients are encouraged to do the prescribed physical activities in the shortest time possible.

Ben, a 1992 graduate of Sandy High School, designs each day’s workout, but they are not the same as any other day. They include such activities as Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, handstands and pushups, plyometrics and metabolic conditioning.

Lyndi says the purpose of that training feature is to reduce boredom and to challenge muscles — not repeat the same movements every day.

“And we can modify any of these movements to match each person’s fitness level,” she said.

Lyndi described from her own example the benefits of this type of fitness training. She said she feels better; is not as tired; is able to do more each day; has more fun; and the workout enhances her overall daily life.

Classes at PaleoFitBox are about an hour in length, and take place in a supportive environment, Lyndi said, adding that her clients are members of a close-knit community. A free trial class is offered to each new client to help them determine if this program is acceptable.

“Everyone can do CrossFit,” she said, “but CrossFit isn’t necessarily for everyone.”

CrossFit PaleoFitBox is at 16621 Champion Way, and uses the same parking lot as Sandy Cinemas. The training center is open six days a week, with specific times for classes. Contact the Boyces for an updated list of class times.

For more information, call 410-402-3342 send emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website at

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