by: SUBMITTED - A Mascot Tail looks beautiful in this prototype photo. A lot of them could be standing on Saturday at Reser Stadium.Mascot Tails is the answer to the football tailgater’s prayer.

At least, that is what Georgia Aas of Lake Oswego is hoping as she opens her new business with a bang on Saturday with the Ducks-Beavers Civil War game at high noon in Corvallis.

Mascot Tails accomplishes two things: One, it lets you fly your Duck or Beaver fandom high; two, you no longer have to go running around the parking lot at the football stadium to find the right tailgate party. Thus, the problem of your hotdog burning on the charcoal grill is eliminated. Also, a Mascot Tail is just the right final touch for the big game. Aas is excited about her new venture.

“I first thought about doing something like this when I couldn’t find my brother’s tailgate party,” she said. “I bounced around a lot of ideas, and the swooper flag worked the best.” GEORGIA AAS

You can’t miss a Mascot Tail. It stands 15 feet high and is easy to put together.

“It can go on a ground stake or a tire mount,” Aas said. “It takes just two minutes to put up. It has four extension poles and has its own case.”

The Mascot Tail displays a fan’s team name in vivid, bold letters and also the fan’s own name in smaller letters. The swooper flag stands out like a beacon and can be easily found even among the 45,000 fans at Reser Stadium on Nov. 24.

Aas is glad her flag is off the ground.

“It was fun having the idea,” she said. “But getting the rest together was something else.”

However, one Mascot Tail may not be enough for some families, such as the Aas family.

“I’m a Duck and my husband is a Beaver,” Aas said. “All through the season I root for the Beavers to win. But not this week.”

Oregon and Oregon State football fanatics can order their Mascot Tails online at

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