Business-fee cut could bring new industry

Even though we have a personal interest, we are concerned about the intrusion of a proposed Arco gas station (a commercial-retail business) in an industrial zone on the west end of town.

Many years ago, a group - with an idea that came from Dale Nichols - put together an investment group that formed Industrial Way. That group wanted to provide an area for industries to move to Sandy that would provide family-wage jobs and keep Sandy from becoming just a bedroom community.

If the city changes the zone to accommodate the gas station, I think it will open the door for another strip mall.

If the city would follow the examples of what many other cities have done, it would cut some of the fees for new businesses. With that incentive, maybe the landowner could persuade new industry to move to the area, which would benefit everybody. It would produce more taxes to help schools and the city of Sandy.

Gale Meier


Help the grange donate food to Action Center

The Sandy Grange would like to ask the Sandy community if it can help us out this month.

Each month we gather and purchase food to donate to the Sandy Action Center. Last month's donation was 180 pounds.

But because of someone's greed - the theft of a large, filled propane tank - we will not be able to make a large donation this month as we have to buy a new tank before our big fundraiser.

This act of selfishness hurts many, but we do not want it to hurt the Action Center as its coffers are low.

Please help us turn this negative into a positive and by making a food donation to the Action Center.

Thank you.

Susan Cook


'Ideologically neutral'? Reader has his doubts

Two articles in the Sept. 7 edition of The Sandy Post ('An alternative campaign' and 'Disgusted with politics as usual') really caught my attention.

My first thought was, would this even be an issue to these gentlemen if the incumbent Democrat Suzanne VanOrman had been re-elected to Oregon House District 52?

I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the klaxons of my BS detector warn me to beware.

I have my doubts about the 'ideologically neutral' statement. If they could assure me that the candidate they want to support would as likely be a conservative as a liberal, maybe I could support their cause.

Otherwise, fugitaboutit.

Robert C. Pursel


Join Sandy Optimist Club and make a difference

The Sandy Optimist Club will fold if it doesn't recruit new volunteers soon. Without desperately needed volunteers and new members, we will not be able to continue with our fundraisers and sponsored programs.

What does this mean to you? Maybe nothing. But maybe it's a big loss to you as well as to our community.

• The Sandy Optimist Club helps kids and the needy in our community. In a positive way, we touch the lives of hundreds of students in our schools through our essay and oratorical contests.

• We fund the 'Forget-Me-Not' program that helps many homeless children and families within the Oregon Trail School District.

• We give money to music programs.

• We build and furnish bikes for needy children.

• We furnish food and presents for families who are down-and-out at Christmastime.

• We provide $2,000 annually in scholarships for graduating Sandy students. This money is raised in our community and is spent in our community.

Without the Sandy Optimist Club, our community would be a poorer place to live.

If you would like to help, we offer several ways to participate.

Join the Optimist Club as a full member: An Optimist club member pays dues, attends weekly meetings when possible, participates in fundraisers and programs, votes for officers and is eligible to become an officer.

Join the Optimist Club as an associate member: An associate member does not pay dues, vote or hold office in the Optimist Club. An associate participates in fundraisers, weekly meetings when possible and all other activities of the club.

Volunteer at one or more of the Optimist fundraisers.

Or you can donate money directly to the Optimist Club to fund our many programs.

If any of these options would be of interest to you, please call Bill Wardy at 503-668-7126 or Lori Felix at 503-668-7198.

Bob Topliff Jr.


Don't despair, kids: There is hope after all

This letter is in response to Dave Wenzel's column ('Sorry, kids! You'll have to clean up the mess made by my generation') that appeared in the Sept. 7 edition of The Sandy Post and the Sept. 10 edition of The Gresham Outlook.

I say this in the kindest way I know how: Wenzel should not disillusion our children to the point that there is no hope. This world has never been given the promise that there would not be wars, famine, drought, floods and many more catastrophes.

Until everyone in this world is perfect and asks for forgiveness, these things will continue to plague our lives. But I'm sure you know, and I know, this will probably not happen.

But it doesn't mean we must tell our children there is no hope. There is hope. Every man, women and child has the privilege to make a difference. And it is our duty to believe it will happen so that we will - with the next generations to come - have a better world that God intended.

Wenzel should not beat himself up because we have not, as yet, been able to hand over a better world to the next generation. What we need to do is tell our children, 'Don't ever, ever lose faith; believe in God, do his will, and you alone can and will make a difference.'

Arlene Easly


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