Popular coffee kiosk becomes more visible

Knospe's Keen Bean Coffee is now at the edge of Geren's Farm Supply parking lot
by: Jim Hart Lisa Knospe greets customers through this window at her coffee kiosk, now placed in the parking lot of Geren’s Farm Supply near Highway 26 and Kelso Road. The kiosk recently was moved from its previous location on Orient Drive.

Lisa Knospe, owner of Knospe's Keen Bean Coffee, has moved from Orient Drive to Geren's Farm Supply parking lot, near Kelso Road and Highway 26.

The move gives Knospe the ability to expand her menu to include breakfast sandwiches and high-energy drinks.

She also likes the new position because more people can see the coffee kiosk, and she is planning new signs to help make passers-by become her customers.

Besides the additions to her menu, Knospe and her three-person staff can make just about any coffee drink anyone can name (with or without coffee).

'We have lots of options,' she said, 'something for everybody.'

She boasts offering more than 30 different flavors of syrup for coffee drinks, including sugar-free, low-sugar, low-fat and non-fat varieties.

'We also can make blended drinks such as frappuccinos that are sugar-free,' she said. 'We can make smoothies without coffee, with any of the flavors we have.'

For example, a customer could drive up to the window and drive away in a couple of minutes with an iced, soy, caramel, mocha, non-fat, sugar-free coffee drink without whipped topping - or any other drink that matched their tastes.

Knospe, who has been operating her kiosk for 6½ years, believes in supporting local businesses, so she offers with her coffee drinks such things as muffins from Tollgate bakery, donuts from Joe's Donuts and Jazzy bagels.

Knospe says her girls are friendly and strive mainly to be consistent while preparing drinks and provide exactly what each customer has ordered.

'We try to keep each customer happy,' she said. 'My girls are really aware of what our customers like, and they're concerned that our customers get the drink they want.'

Knospe's Keen Bean Coffee is open 5 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6:30 a.m.-1 p.m. each Saturday.

For more information, call 503-826-1456 during business hours.