11/26/12 7:44 a.m. A vehicle operated by a 24-year-old female knocked down a 72-year-old man in a crosswalk on Pacific Highway. The man was transported to an area hospital.


11/25/12 10:35 a.m. A bag thief struck on Jefferson Parkway, breaking into a car and taking a large black with neon green trim Steve Madden bag and a small leopard-print Betsey Johnson bag. Value was $110.

11/25/12 1:45 p.m. A chrome 4G iPod was taken from an unlocked vehicle on Hidalgo.

11/25/12 5:10 p.m. Sunglasses were stolen from a Cadillac parked on Morningview Circle.


11/20/12 4:10 p.m. A son received a death threat over a cellphone. A police investigation discovered that the call came from the cellphone of the son’s best friend’s mother.

11/20/12 9:51 p.m. A woman’s vehicle was covered in toilet paper on Kingsgate Road.

11/21/12 12:44 a.m. Three pugilists engaged in fisticuffs in the parking lot next to Gemini Pub.

11/21/12 10:18 a.m. A dense driver is heedlessly talking on his cellphone while speeding down Highway 43.

11/21/12 10:26 a.m. A man suspects his ex-wife has taken their children and headed off for Washington.

11/21/12 1:45 p.m. A suicidal man has decided to voluntarily commit himself to an institution.

11/21/12 2:09 p.m. An ex-wife charges that her ex-husband is trying to contact their daughter even though she has a no stalking order against him.

11/21/12 4:43 p.m. A house sitter is using a home as a drug house.

11/22/12 12 a.m. A woman staying at Best Western has been trying to get medical marijuana for two days. Meanwhile, strange things are happening in her garage.

11/22/12 1:35 a.m. A bouncer is trying to bounce a drunken, out-of-control customer from an establishment on B Avenue.

11/22/12 1:27 p.m. A woman, who has been waiting to obtain medical marijuana for two days in Sandy, says things are missing from her house and is asking police to check for footprints in the backyard.

11/23/12 5:50 a.m. A woman on Boca Raton Drive says someone has taken her clothes and shoes and will not give them back.

11/23/12 5:56 a.m. A man with a noose around his neck was discovered up a tree by police. The subject was not suicidal, just drunk.

11/23/12 11:40 p.m. A man who tried to start a fight at Gemini Pub ran out the door to escape fistic retribution.

11/24/12 9:02 a.m. A girl in a youth care facility reported that three residents took a radio, threw a blanket over her, took her glasses and threatened her.

11/24/12 3:19 p.m. A woman was asked to leave a coffee shop because she was talking to herself.

11/24/12 5:14 p.m. A boyfriend threw motor oil in the face of his girlfriend.

11/24/12 6:20 p.m. Juveniles are making rockets with milk jugs and exploding them on Bunick Drive.

11/24/12 10:51 p.m. A woman’s neighbor is again smoking marijuana at an apartment on Pacific Highway. She tried to confront him about it, but he would not answer the door.

11/25/12 12 a.m. Uplands Elementary School on Wembley Park Road was hit with a barrage of orange paintballs. The paint got on doors and windows but caused no damage.

11/25/12 5:27 p.m. A husband pushed his wife down, then took off with their children in a tan Tahoe.

11/25/12 8:18 p.m. After a girlfriend punched her boyfriend in the face, he punched her back.

11/25/12 9:31 p.m. An estranged husband came over to his wife’s home and began acting violently.

11/25/12 11:22 a.m. A man is destroying his house after going off his medications.

11/25/12 11:31 a.m. A warning was given to an owner who let his dog defecate in a neighbor’s yard on Spruce Street.

11/25/12:42 a.m. Two disruptive patrons refused to leave Maher’s Pub on B Avenue. One demanded the return of his wallet, but it was in the safe, which could not be opened until the manager returned in the morning.

11/26/12 3:17 p.m. Two solicitors showed up at a house on Upper Drive, thus ignoring the “No Solicitors” sign on display.

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