Offensive Player of the Year

Tanner Shipley, Wilsonville

Defensive Player of the Year

Joseph Balfour, Sherwood

Lineman of the Year

Jake Leary, Milwaukie

Coach of the Year

Greg Lawrence, Sherwood


MILWAUKIE — Seniors Jake Leary (tackle) and Kendrick Bourne (wide receiver)

PUTNAM — Senior Deshawn Stephens (wide receiver)

SANDY — Senior Justin Adams (quarterback)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Nick Rowlands (center), Joey Chamberlain (guard), Cristian Morris (running back), Michael Alley (tackle) and Jacob Brooks (tight end)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Tanner Shipley (running back), Chase Hiday (center), Gunner Pollman (tight end) and Ryan Walsh (wide receiver); and junior Jackson Chase (kicker)

PARKROSE — Senior Henry Vy (running back) and junior Josh Bradford (guard)


MILWAUKIE — Seniors Richard Ramsey (cornerback) and Jake Leary (line)

PUTNAM — Senior Todd Weiderhold (line)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Ryan Walsh (cornerback), Johnny Ragin (line), Gunner Pollman (inside linebacker), Brad Youd (outside linebacker) and Nick Highberger (safety)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Cristian Morris (cornerback), Harrison Shelburne (line), Nick Rowlands (line) and Joseph Balfour (outside linebacker)

SANDY — Seniors Kyle Bateman (inside linebacker) and Justin Adams (punter)

PARKROSE — Senior Henry Vy (safety)


MILWAUKIE — Seniors Richard Ramsey (quarterback) and Trevontae Anderson (wide receiver)

PUTNAM — Senior Tucker Fleischmann (wide receiver)

LIBERTY — Senior A.J. Antillon (running back) and junior Javier Picard (center)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Mat Merrick (guard) and Johnny Ragin (running back); and junior Tyler Branson (tackle)

SHERWOOD — Senior Harrison Shellburne), and juniors Mickey Schaefer (running back) and Martin Layna (kicker)

ST. HELENS — Juniors Tanner Long (running back) and Corey West (tight end)

SANDY — Seniors Adam Shull (tackle) Blake Robison (wide receiver) and Karsten Short (wide receiver)

PARKROSE — Sophomore Michael Hurlic (wide receiver)

ST. HELENS — Senior Joey Beggio (line)


MILWAUKIE — Seniors Chase Blackwell (line) and Kendrick Bourne (safety); and juniors Chris Besaw (inside linebacker) and Brenton Oten (outside linebacker)

PUTNAM — Senior Taylor Lewis (outside linebacker)

WILSONVILLE — Seniors Tanney Shipley (cornerback) and Johnny Ragin (punter), and junior Parker Nielson (line)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Logan Smith (line) and Cyrus Mooney (safety); and juniors Jake Reimer (inside linebacker) and Scott Skurdahl (inside linebacker)

ST. HELENS — Seniors Joe Beggio (line) and Andrew Gray (inside linebacker)

SANDY — Junior Andrew Spenser (line)


MILWAUKIE — Senior Eddy Thomas (running back), juniors Elias Brezai (center) and Robert Akil (running back), and freshman Tui Tuitele (guard)

PUTNAM — Seniors Max Bailey (quarterback), Kolleh Mitchell (running back), Adam Archie (running back), Eli Skiles (wide receiver), Nick Parr (wide receiver) and Devin Hager (wide receiver); and juniors Joey Cardinal (wide receiver) and Corey Wells (wide receiver)

ST. HELENS — Seniors Joey Beggio (center), Andrew Gay (guard) and Nathana Reed (kicker); and juniors Gage Baumgardner (quarterback) and Jacob Zartman (tackle)

SHERWOOD — Seniors David Villalpando-Perez (guard), Nick Highberger (quarterback), Joseph Balfour (quarterback), Jordan Skoubo (running back), Logan Ballarche (running back), Jack Matney (running back), Logan Smith (tackle), Cyrus Mooney (wide receiver) and Vernon Johnson (wide receiver); juniors Ryan Jurgens (center), Andrew Rice (guard), Scott Skurdahl (running back), Keegan Lawrence (running back), Jake Reimer (running back), Tanner Shadbolt (running back), Travis Kotowski (tackle), Saul Urzua (tackle) and Nick Clarke (wide receiver); and sophomore Zak Taylor (tight end)

LIBERTY — Seniors Juan Ocampo (guard) and Aaron Holman (wide receiver), and sophomore Zzne Chitwood (tackle)

WILSONVILLE — Senior Matt Lucero (kicker), juniors Justin Hamilton (tackle) and Parker Nielson (tight end), and sophomore Dreyvhon Stewart (guard)

SANDY — Senior Justin Bruner (tackle) and junior Wyatt Edwards (kicker)


MILWAUKIE — Seniors Nicko Goodwin (cornerback) and Trevontae Anderson (safety), junior Robert Akil (outside linebacker), and sophomore Joe Aleshire (line)

PUTNAM — Seniors Nick Parr (cornerback) and Trevor Schneider (outside linebacker); and juniors Nick Edwards (linebacker), Brady Eberhardt (outside linebacker), Austin Snyder (outside linebacker) and Brandon McCuin (outside linebacker)

PARKROSE — Sophomore Andre Johnson (cornerback)

WILSONVILLE — Senior Chase Hiday (line); and juniors Brandon Chao (cornerback), Collin Cubbage (line), Tyler Branson (line) and Cooper Whittaker (inside linebacker)

ST. HELENS — Juniors Jacob Zartman (line), Corey West (line) and Gage Bumgardner (outside linebacker)

LIBERTY — Seniors A.J. Antillon (cornerback), Nic Anderson (cornerback) and Tyler Ruchert (line); junior Javier Picard (line); and sophomore Byron Greenlee (safety)

SHERWOOD — Seniors Anthony Sherwood (cornerback), Jordan Skoubo (cornerback), Vernon Johnson (cornerback), Joseph Chamberlain (line), Alex Barzee (inside linebacker) and Jacob Brooks (outside linebacker); juniors Nick Clarke (cornerback), Jordan Kurahara (line), Martin Layna (line), Andrew Rice (inside linebacker), Mickey Schaefer (outside linebacker), Kevin Larkin (punter/safety) and Keegan Lawrence (safety); and sophomore Zak Taylor (inside linebacker)

SANDY — Seniors Blake Robison (cornerback) and Joshua Visan (safety), and sophomore C.J. McKinnis (outside linebacker)

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