by: SUBMITTED - 'The support I received running my zero budget campaign was both overwhelming and surprising.'Hello friends and neighbors. It’s me Ben, wishing everyone well as we segue into winter and into the new year. 

What a political cycle it has been this year. I would like to congratulate Thomas Frank and Councilor Tan for winning, as well as maintaining, their seats on city council. A salute to Colonel Kovash as well on another term as mayor. 

I would have written in earlier, but have been aggressively pursuing employment, which I am quite happy to announce I have obtained. It was an honor to represent my hometown as a write-in candidate, in an otherwise uncontested council race this year. 

Walking in the Arch Bridge reopening parade was unforgettable, so fun being a part of such a historic event for our city.

The support I received running my zero budget campaign was both overwhelming and surprising. Thank you all so much! It has been truly heartwarming and made my actions feel vindicated. 

Sadly, upon inquiring about the results of my write-in campaign with the Clackamas County Elections Office, I was informed that none of my votes were even considered, let alone counted. That number would have meant a lot to me, perhaps to some others, and certainly deserved to have been on the record in West Linn. But I digress. Recounts are quite expensive I guess.  

To make good on my campaign promise, I have now started the search for a new city in which to live. A daunting task when growing up in a community like West Linn has set standards so stubbornly high. Thanks once again to all the people who supported me! 

I would like to echo the mayor’s call to arms at the last council meeting, regarding the alarming number of open volunteer positions in West Linn (80 or so). Such volunteer efforts are crucial to helping our city operate optimally. In these tight economical times, what better gift to a loved one than the gift of volunteer work for our beautiful city.

Ben Egland is a resident of West Linn.

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